THESE words are addressed to those who are seeking the way into the Kingdom of God-the Kingdom where a Great Love and Wisdom, the serving and the inspiring of others, and the utter forgetfulness of self, are the natural life of everyone who dwells therein. 

If you who read have reached that stage on your journey through life where the world without can offer you nothing that will stay your efforts to find that Kingdom, and you welcome any directions that will clearly point you there, then you are ready for these words, and they will be to you a quickening power that will hasten you on your way and perhaps will enable you speedily to reach the goal.

editor - Ján Master

WE HAVE talked much about the inner or soul consciousness, trying to prove to you that it is your true consciousness, and that it is the goal of human life-what man will attain when he has unfolded in consciousness sufficiently to permit of the truth of his being to flood and fill his mind.