WE HAVE talked much about the inner or soul consciousness, trying to prove to you that it is your true consciousness, and that it is the goal of human life-what man will attain when he has unfolded in consciousness sufficiently to permit of the truth of his being to flood and fill his mind.

We have shown you in a number of ways what is the soul consciousness, how to enter it and how to think, speak and act from it; but we know only the few comprehended and are able to make much headway because of lack of persistence in determining just what was meant and in doing what was shown.

Others are teaching-as we have long taught-how to find, to know and to wait upon the Lord within. But we have shown that you are the Lord within-you in your real nature, unhindered by the beliefs of your outer, "separate" mind; and that the finding of the Lord within is but the teaching of your mind the truth that you alone are, and that your mind is only your outer means of expression.

It is not altogether the fault of those who have tried to realise this and could not, nor of those who did not get even a glimpse of our meaning and that therefore did not try; for undoubtedly as souls they were not ready to step forth and take charge of their minds, because they could not as yet get their minds to respond to them.

For remember, you are a soul, and if you as a soul cannot get your mind and outer self to listen to and obey when you speak, it must be because the mind still believes it is you, goes its own stubborn and selfish way, and will not learn any different wayuntil you lead it through enough hard experiences to where it remembers the warnings, the cautionings and the hunches you gave it when trying to show it the way you wanted it to go or do.

We are assuming that enough of you who read have had sufficient of such experiences and now welcome any further help to get your minds to listen to and try to become really acquainted with you, so that it will know when you speak and you can teach it directly what you want it to know. That is entirely possible, dear friend, and if you want it strongly enough it can be gained in the following way:

Get quiet and in a comfortable position, and relax completely, as explained in the Jesus Christ Message in this issue, and follow the general directions given therein, trying to feel and realize all that is stated.

When fully relaxed and your mind is turned wholly within, you should be able to feel that gentle tingling and inner glow of the One Life flowing through your being, and can even realize it as a light shining in the midst of you. All that is needed is to concentrate all of your attention and interest upon this Life, to the exclusion of everything else, until it becomes the only thing of which you are conscious.

Should there be any inharmony anywhere in the body at the moment, direct this glow when clearly felt to that part and right into the inharmony or pain, knowing that its light, being God's Life, will penetrate it and drive out all that is causing the congestion or interference, as easily as light drives out darkness; for God's Life is pure Spirit, and Spirit lights up, cleanses and makes all matter perfect, as no imperfection can be where God is. KNOWING this you can easily prove it, and watch the pain vanish.

With practice you can instantly and at will withdraw the mind from the body and outer senses and fix it upon this inner tingling and glow, and in the realization and feel of it, can let go completely and enjoy the perfect peace and harmony that ensues.

Now take heed. This quiet, peaceful inner consciousness is that of your soul or the real you; while the outer consciousness so filled with inharmony is only the result of the vibrations of the many wrong thoughts and beliefs about yourself, about others and the world around you, that you are carrying and holding in your mind.

Do you wonder, with your mind filled with such beliefs that you have a body filled with inharmonies of all kinds? For your body is only the outpicturing or outer expression of what you call your mind! Think this over carefully until you see how true it is.

Then you can also see how this quiet, peaceful consciousness that is in evidence when the outer mind is stilled, and which we have said is your soul or true consciousness, must then be your true body, and that when you are back in that consciousness you are actually in your perfect or soul body!

When this realization fully strikes you, we hope that you will practice many times a day retiring thus into your true conscious' ness and body, now knowing that in that consciousness you are free Spirit, that you can say

 "I Am," and know you are I Am.

For we promise that in that consciousness of perfect peace and harmony you will gradually grow into a full realization of Who you are and of What you are a part, and that you are not this outer self, but that you have come down through the ages, have lived in many bodies in many countries and many conditions, but are apart from it all-are a Spiritual being, putting on bodies only in order to develop soul qualities needed for your more perfect expression.

There is so much in what we have just shown you that once fully realized it will bring illumination, and you will suddenly find yourself in another world of consciousness!' Is that worth striving for? Then stay with it until you get it, and next month we will give further helps about entering and working from the I AM or soul consciousness.

This is part of a chapter in the UPCOMING Book THE NEW AGE by Joseph Benner.

Editor Ján Master