I didn't gain freedom, I matured to freedom....I matured to Living Freedom.

Only when I had exhausted all the possibilities of getting her from the outside, I turned directly to her, to myself...

Live freedom is not a fight for something, for something, for someone. It's not about achieving something, someone. Something or someone will give or provide you only an illusory freedom, fleeting, which leaves with that something, someone. And you, in turn, look for another object, state, relationship, experience that will give you this apparent illusion of freedom and then you try to keep it. And so on and on...

Living Freedom comes with humility, gratitude, total honesty with yourself. Do you still want it or do you prefer the mere illusion of freedom as it is presented by any system and belief.

Everyday life became my "Ashram" and the best gurus became my life lessons.

My path of realization is a direct application of everything "spiritual" to everyday life. Practical...

When you know, you are clear, the illusory wall between you and true freedom, living freedom, will dissolve. The illusory wall is your false belief about yourself and the resulting expectations, your own suffering.

Once you know, the world is a game you can enjoy.

When you know you are Free, you always have been, it is your innermost nature.

When you know, your mind is still, this stillness gives you Living Freedom. When you already know, you live It, you are It, you are Living Freedom...

Doreán/Living Freedom