Healing and harmonization through visual arts

Know Yourself

 ... you will find the happiness you seek...

Individual art therapy course with Monika Doreán for 2023

A path of knowledge where we will go back to our essential Self to discover the peace, tranquility, happiness and quiet joy that is our true nature.

The result of knowing our essential essence is Life from one's own strength - Calm mind - Spontaneity - Lightness and beauty of Being - Permanent inner peace, accessible in the course of all life circumstances - Life in Harmony with oneself, with others and with what Life brings every day.

Treatment with art - a way of self-discovery

Artistic activity can be the best way to express a problem, fear, emotion, pain if we cannot or cannot describe it in words. It is a healing procedure for which art and creative activities serve as a therapeutic means of self-discovery. It enables one's own self-reflection - awareness and reflects one's own psychological and emotional state.

During artistic creation, conscious and unconscious tendencies appear on their own, and this can reveal hidden and long-suppressed problems that a person cannot name. With the help of art therapy, he can reveal them, look at them, cope with them and solve them.

Art therapy - expression of feelings, thoughts, memories, situations that are difficult for the client, using creative activity.

Creative expression and the actual process of creation are essential. The artistic expression of an individual can therefore be at any level.

Thanks to creative activity, art therapy allows a person to get to know himself, express his feelings and emotions, realize the essence of his problems and gain a completely new point of view and thus a completely new solution in all areas of his life. Art therapy can help both people with more serious psychological problems and those who long for harmony in their lives and the acquisition of psychological balance.

During artistic creation, emotions are released and thus physical tension subsides, such as stiffness in the neck and back muscles, which also cause headaches. It can therefore be used in the treatment of psychosomatic diseases, the cause of which is tension in the body due to stress. The body thus acquires a natural balance and harmony.

We have feelings and emotions within us that influence us in our daily actions. Art therapy helps to reveal them and change the inner experience. It can thus help overcome fear and anxiety and help cope with life's changes and circumstances.

Art therapy helps to resolve partner relationships and conflicts in interpersonal relationships.

Art for Therapy - Art therapy

It includes and works with both impulse and expression, especially with regard to the complexity of the entire process.

Receptive art therapy - art acts on a client who is not actively directly involved in the process / art photography, picture / and an impression is made - an impression, a sensation. A work of art can evoke a number of thoughts, feelings, memories and other associations in an individual, which are further worked on in the art therapy process.

Productive art therapy - the client is directly involved in the artistic process / painting, drawing, collage /, he expresses himself creatively and there is expression. The process of creation enables non-verbal access to thoughts, experiences, etc. and thus provides a new point of view on life events and life situations and circumstances and the associated deeper self-knowledge.

Know Yourself

Individual art therapy course with Monika Doreán in the center of Prague / approx. 10 min. walking distance from Prague Castle.