Live Love, Joy, Freedom

tested by Life

Live Love Is Silent. Live Love ... on These are not words. Living Love is incommunicable. Living Love LIVES ...

Live Love gives freedom to be not possessive. The presence of the other reinforces one's own presence. You can overcome all the difficulties that reality brings, you will overcome all your fears, and your Love will continue to flourish because "difficulties" will turn into challenges and your Love will grow stronger by overcoming .... Live Love Is Joy, Live Love Is Freedom ...

Live Love is a great discovery at any moment, a honeymoon that never ends ... Live Love is for Men and Women who are ready to move together to the highest peaks of the relationship.
Meeting in the Heart ... This is Live Love. It is to pass through his personality to the Essence, to the Heart. If you dare really meet someone in the Heart, you will have to let him touch your Heart too. You have to become completely open, and that's vulnerable. This is living Love, not to be afraid, to allow others to penetrate you deeply and create a space full of Trust.

Monika Doreán and Ján Master