THIS impersonal work by author and teacher of metaphysics and impersonal teachings Florence Scovel Shinn (1871-1940). Her works had a significant impact on the New Thought movement, which emphasizes the power of words and positive thinking, faith and affirmations in transforming life.

Florence Scovel Shinn's writings have inspired many individuals to take control of their lives, believe in the power of the mind, and manifest their desires through positive thoughts and affirmations.

For the student of Truth who has entered the Kingdom and is in the service of God, the spiritual writings of Florence Scovel Shinn are guides to living fully in the Kingdom, where God is the Source of all Good.

He speaks of the Power of words and conscious thought in the Kingdom as follows:

One of the greatest messages given to the race through the scriptures is that God is man's supply and that man can release, through his spoken word, all that belongs to him by divine right. He must, however, have perfect faith in his spoken word.

A person who comes from a world financed by Mammon to a world financed by God comes with everything he desires or requires already on his way.

This supply is released through faith and the spoken word. "If you can believe, everything is possible."

The object of the game of life is to see clearly one's good and to obliterate all mental pictures of evil. This must be done by impressing the subconscious mind with a realization of good.

Getting into the spiritual swing of things is no easy matter for the average person. The adverse thoughts of doubt and fear surge from the subconscious. They are the "army of the aliens" which must be put to flight. This explains why it is so often, "darkest before the dawn."

A big demonstration is usually preceded by tormenting thoughts.

Having made a statement of high spiritual truth one challenges the old beliefs in the subconscious, and "error is exposed" to be put out.

This is the time when one must make his affirmations of truth repeatedly, and rejoice and give thanks that he has already received, "Before ye call I shall answer." This means that "every good and perfect gift" is already man's awaiting his recognition.

Man can only receive what he sees himself receiving.

However, the one who knows spiritual law, is undisturbed by appearance, and rejoices while he is "yet in captivity." That is, he holds to his vision and gives thanks that the end is accomplished, he has received.

Jesus Christ gave a wonderful example of this. He said to his disciples:

"Say not ye, there are yet four months and then cometh the harvest? Behold, I say unto you, lift up your eyes and look on the fields; for they are ripe already to harvest."

His clear vision pierced the "world of matter" and he saw clearly the fourth dimensional world, things as they really are, perfect and complete in Divine Mind. So man must ever hold the vision of his journey's end and demand the manifestation of that which he has already received. It may be his perfect, health, love, supply, self-expression, home or friends.

They are all finished and perfect ideas registered in Divine Mind (man's own superconscious mind) and must come through him, not to him.

editor -Jan Master