The Joy of Being

When you overcome your fear of confrontation, you will see the Truth as It Is.

You will see the situation as it is. So relax, that is the Joy of Being.

I feel good in my own strength without children's reactions to the illusions of the mind, I feel good in my own strength online without imaginations of the mind about the future, without the past, only now and here, and from this arises intelligent action, that is Pure Power.

I AM myself unconditional Love and Acceptance. I AM the perfect stream of giving and receiving.

I AM enough and an infinite stream of abundance. I AM the authority of light and love here on Earth.

I (Consciousness) I AM (I exist).

By accepting the idea of myself out of ignorance, I am this body and the name and doer, the idea of bondage has arisen.

Realizing that I AM not this idea is freedom. This idea is a delusion that I have accepted, realizing who I really ended the delusion to. I was always an unconditional freedom of pure consciousness.

Ján Master