My own nature is the unified flow of Spirit, soul, mind-body to manifest, to embody Beauty, Love, Freedom, Peace, Truth on Earth.

There is no misinterpretation of the feeling of acting that is in fact an expression, the manifestation of what is (Consciousness) through the Spirit, the soul, the mind-body.
I am the spontaneous nature of the Conscious Being, the eternal flourishing of the manifestation of Joy, Love, Beauty, Peace of What Is.

It has no form,
He has no name
only It Is.

It has no beginning,
it has no end
only It Is.

It has no distance,
it has no separation
only It Is.

You can't describe it,
Can't see it
only It Is.

It can't be,
it cannot exist,
only It Is.

It can't die,
can't It be born
only It Is.

You are that.
You're What It Is.

Ján Master

Self existence is
unquestionable proof of What Is.
Own existence can not be denied.