Meditation No. 1

DEAR FRIEND: Do you truly want to come speedily and eternally into your own — that which you came here into manifestation to express? Then meditate earnestly and persistently day after day on the below — ten minutes or more on the first part, until you realize its Truth:

In the ONE MIND there is the consciousness only of wholeness, completion, and perfection. In it there are no ideas of lack or limitation of supply of any kind. To every center of that Mind — and every human mind is such a center — there flows naturally every needed idea, even as air rushes into a vacuum, or as the blood carries to every cell of the body everything needed for their growth and sustenance.

Remember, that One Mind is in YOU — IS YOUR MIND — as there is only One Mind.

Also remember, by your realization of this great Truth, and making it the dominant fact in your consciousness, are you and your Father truly One. For it unites your consciousness with His Consciousness, He who is your REAL SELF, and Whose Mind is the ONLY Mind (of course it does for you are then in His Consciousness); and therefore You ARE all that He is, and ALL THAT HE HAS IS YOURS. Once believe this — once KNOW it, and you be free from ALL lack and limitation FOREVER.

Then, after trying to realize intensely the Truth of the above by thus meditating and letting it soak into your subconsciousness, let the following flood your consciousness for ten minutes more: Be still, my child, and know I am your Life, your Health, your Strength, your Understanding, your Supply, your Power, your Love. I am all these things — all these ideals you are seeking to be and to have.Oh, my child, can you not see you can have none of these apart from Me — can get none without getting Me, — can get them nowhere else but from Me, your Real, your ONLY Self, who am all these things NOW — and therefore YOU also are these things NOW, AND FOREVER MORE.SEE this, beloved, and know the Truth of your Self.

Come unto Me all ye who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Can you not realize that this life in you, any portion of health or strength or power or love or understanding that you have, is not of yourself, but is of ME, who am all these things IN you. Then why not have done with your foolish, anxious striving to be that which you are now, always were, and always will be, in supreme fullness and perfection? Why not then let go completely and let Me, your Real and Perfect Self, have full sway in your consciousness, letting no thoughts therein you know are not My thoughts? That is all YOU need to do — I will do the rest. Beloved, if you abide thus in Me, and let this My Word abide in you, everything your heart seeketh will surely come to pass, in blessed richness and abundance.


BELOVED Father; Thou, Oh blessed Christ Jesus;
and Thou, my dear Brothers of the Kingdom,
hear this my earnest prayer.

Draw me in Consciousness deep within where
Thou art, where self exists not, and where I may
be one with and abide with Thee in Christ.

Help me to open wide my heart and let out the
Great Love, that It may possess me utterly, may
rule, motivate and inspire my every thought, word
and act, merging me completely into Love, thereby
enabling me to love as Thou lovest, to see as Thou
seest, to hear as Thou hearest; lifting the consciousness
of my human mind into complete oneness with my
Christ Consciousness — Thy Consciousness; so that
henceforth I can consciously, at will, be with
Thee, work with Thee, commune with Thee, face
to face, at all times and on all planes, when the need
is in the Father's service; and may know with Thy
Understanding all things I seek and need to know.

Cleanse me of all consciousness of self and of separation
from Thee, so that my Lord Christ henceforth may live
His Life in me, do His Will in me, be His Self in me,
without let or hindrance of any kind, for evermore.

BELOVED Father, make me to abide always in Thy
Consciousness, and Thy Word to abide in me, giving
me ever of Thy Wisdom to light and direct my way;
Thy Will to strengthen and sustain me; and Thy Love
to surround, protect and fill me; so that I may see Thee,
dear Christ, may feel Thee, may know Thee, may be
truly One with Thee, everywhere, in everything,
and in every one of my brothers.

I thank and glorify Thee, Beloved Father, for
Thy many blessings. Take me wholly unto Thyself,
so that I may be Thy selfless and perfect instrument
for Thy use.

In Christ Jesus' Name, I ask it.



For the Soul-quickening of those you would help.(................... Repeat the name), dear one, in your true being you are one with the Father and with the Son, and in the Oneness of Consciousness of the Holy Spirit, your eternal abode, you walk and commune with and know with Them— know that you are Spirit, holy, harmonious, pure, powerful, perfect; that all that the Father hath is yours, and that for you an abundance of riches is waiting to outmanifest.[Or for healing, replace the above orange text with,— that all that the Father Is, you are, and that perfect health, strength and happiness is yours to express.] Then let there be perfect Peace and Understanding, and truest Love and Trust between you and Them at all times and on all planes; that you may positively and continually manifest and be, may know and see, may think and speak and do, that only which the Father wills for you.(...................Repeat the given name), you are not bound by any claims of the flesh, or of the world, or of Mammon, or of the separate, selfish mind; for these have no existence in Spirit.Then let the perfection of your True Self, and all of your Divine powers and understanding, all of your soul riches (or of your true health or happiness, which you would proclaim for such), and your own Good, which the Father hath waiting for you, come forth Now, and fully manifest—that the Father may be glorified in the Son that you are.

Say this slowly and powerfully, trying to put all the meaning and love into the words that you can. Then try to realize that these words go forth—as would a beam of powerful Light into the darkness—straight to the soul consciousness of the one addressed; that the soul will surely receive them, will be awakened by them, and will be reminded by them of its Divine nature and heritage.

Then know that as soon as the brain mind gets quiet the Truth will push through from the soul into the brain consciousness as an illumined thought from the Higher Self, and the one addressed will awaken from his dream of lack, disease or limitation of whatsoever nature, and will know the Truth, when all such false claims will dissolve in his consciousness to nothingness and their outer manifestation will disappear.After fully realizing this, sing from the heart:"We thank Thee, beloved Father, and praise Thy Holy Word, which is Spirit, which is Truth, which is Life, which is Power to accomplish that where-unto it is sent; for we send them in the Name of Christ Jesus, our Saviour and Redeemer.


 by Joseph S. Benner

editor - Jan Master