Equal partnership, love without conditions and authenticity without illusions = Partnerships of the New Age = Relationships from our deepest Essence

A completely new level of relationship and my own lived experience brings a relationship based on Authenticity without illusions, equal partnership and love without conditions.

It took a deep honest insight of everyone for themselves and with each other and a great willingness and courage to open up to fear and not be reluctant to see the parts of themselves that don't want to open up. Facing a whole range of emotions and mutual emotional defenses set up by life experiences and the conditioned mind. Everyday honest work and not always a walk in the "rose garden". Together and each one alone, we have reached our own Essence.

The partnership thus became an unlimited, free, open, spontaneous, loving, creative space for both. A space of real closeness, harmony, mutual respect from which the solution to common issues or life circumstances is based. Without limited conditioning of the mind, because the old patterns of behavior were recognized, without competition, judgment. It is a new, constantly fresh and present dimension of partnership.

The traditional male or female role based on patriarchy, matriarchy ceases to make sense and a completely new space opens up for an equal partner relationship and mature cooperation, where both are in their own male and female power, while these powers come from the Essence and not from what is normal considered as these forces.

A woman comes to her own strength through a man and allows herself to be "powerful", fully in her intuition and openness. A man becomes a woman, he reaches his true kind power. He doesn't need to be afraid of his strength, he knows he can handle it. A woman guides him through understanding and understanding feelings and emotions. It is the union and dance of male-female power from its true essence. The relationship is without the need to "own" the other, it is independent and then cooperative.

Relationships built on the classic values and attitudes of today's world, society, and culture simply do not work or stagnate, no matter how we try to "treat" them, using classical or modern psychotherapy or psychology, we only temporarily patch up or postpone what simply does not work anymore. No matter how much we try to improve them with the rolling number of seminars on how to have better sex, how to choose or meet the right partner, what to do so that the right partner finds us, the "ten signs" of the right partner, etc., we are still spinning even in the "improved" endless and a futile circle, that which simply cannot work anymore or works in a limited or short-term manner. Even popular esotericism and various "spiritual" practices for summoning a soul mate or searching for that twin flame simply will not bring about the dream relationship.

Why doesn't it work? The majority of relationships are still, even after "improvement", based on mutual competition between who is from whom, visible or hidden manipulation, neediness and material or emotional dependence. The demands placed on each other from the conditioned mind, programmed by experienced dysfunctional patterns of behavior are unfulfillable and therefore a source of discomfort and strife. Classical and modern psychotherapy and psychology have completely valid techniques and procedures for this, however, from my own experience and therapeutic practice with many clients and couples, I know that they are only limited. It's still a good, but limited-time patch. Spiritual or esoteric seminars, of various qualities, I'm not saying they aren't quality exceptions, they might bring a pleasantly all-embracing weekend, but that's probably the end of it, if you don't become addicted to "hugging". Commercial, copied instructions "How to find a partner - find, improve, change, impress, etc." don't even need to be evaluated.../

A relationship based on the own strength of both the man and the woman is without the need to "own" the other, it is independent and then cooperates. He is neither superior nor subordinate, no need to manipulate.

Couples therapy and counseling

Complete holistic therapy and counseling - a combination of expert knowledge of classic and modern psychotherapy and psychology, experience from long-term therapeutic practice and one's own experience of self-realization from the direct path of knowledge.

You come with a specific relationship topic - we will focus on the art of communication, how to work better together, specifically solve problems, partner's emotions, deepen feeling and connection on all levels, name everything unsaid that causes tension in the relationship, loss of trust, emotional and communication patterns, awareness own needs, practical causes of inconsistency in the relationship, psychosomatic problems.

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My own 12-year partnership, the essence of which you can also perceive from these pages...:)

Monika Doreán guide to partner relationships in the New Age

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