The brave are Quiet. Who can be more courageous than one who has stood up to the darkness and fear within himself. The brave do not need to prove anything or defend themselves in front of anyone. Truly brave, True brave are Quiet.

The True Mighty are Quiet. Who can be more powerful than the one who overcame darkness and fear within himself. The True Powers do not need to prove anything or defend themselves before anyone. The true Mighty do not need to exalt or humiliate anyone. Truly Mighty, True Mighty are Quiet.

Kind are Quiet. Who can be kinder than one who has accepted himself in his own heart. The kind do not fight the darkness or give in to it, the true kind face it quietly. Really kind, True kind are Quiet.

The wise are Quiet.Who can be wiser than one who has given up the fight for stupidity within himself. The wise do not fight with stupidity and ignorance or give in to it, the True Wise leaves her. Truly Wise, True Wise are Quiet.

The innocent are the Quiet. Who can be more innocent than he who rejoices in Life and who has known that he is Life itself. The innocent knew themselves, the inner Beauty and the Shine that is reflected in each and everything. Truly innocent, True innocent are Quiet.

Free are Quiet. Who can be freer than the one who rejoices in Life here and now. The free live in the Heart of the present moment, innocent in their beauty, joy and love. Truly free, True free are Quiet.

Peaceful are Quiet. He who can be more peaceful than he who has accepted himself and remains silent, leaves the world in the world, he does not cling to him or deny him and lives in his own satisfaction. Real peaceful, True peaceful are Quiet.

Magnificent are Quiet. Who can be more magnificent than he who has the courage to lead himself, to lead a ship that bears the name "human expression" in the adventure of Life through storms, shoals, still waters, no wind and beautiful and breathtaking sails through the ocean of Life. The magnificent live in the Heart of the present moment, innocent in their respect and kindness to each other. Truly magnificent, True magnificent are Quiet.

Equivalent are Quiet. Who can be more equal than the one who has given up proving and defending his value,for he realized that he is united with all that He is and his own Self is one and the same Self of all and everything. The equivalents have turned to their own Self and rest quietly in their midst, refusing or denying anything, they live in harmony with their nature. True equivalents, True equivalents are Quiet.

To live from the true essence, to live an impersonal life. You live from that which is permanent, eternal, that which is unchanging, infinite. You feel the perfect beauty Now and everything that changes, what comes and goes you do not judge, you do not judge, only You are. You are a witness to everything and you are not dead, you enjoy everything, but you do not insist on it, nor do you deny it. This is the art of living an Impersonal life.

For myself, I face them myself from situations, lessons, world, life, without the crutches of superiority, arrogance, humiliation, hierarchy, without the shield of hypocrisy, rotten morals, false power, without the defense mechanisms of the mind based on fear and guilt.

Only the situation and the pure presence of Being. I'm fine with that, that's my Power, the nature of Being in its perfection of the moment. I love To face silence, conscious silence.
Silent conscious courage.

Oh, what a beauty to be What I always am. I am What is permanent, timeless, unchanging, eternal, what never dies and is never born, what is indescribable, formless, fearless, What is in every heart, every eye, every smile, every tree, every bird, What is quiet, innocent. I greet my own Self in every man, every flower, every tree, every bird, every animal, every stone.

My Beloved you are my own Self. When I was ready to meet my true Self, we met.

You my own Self in the form of an Angel with whom I could grow, heal, mature and mature and realize my true self, which is the only real, which is the only worthy of Love, care, protection and trust.

It's just me, that's the highest manifestation, to be. I AM, is the desire I AM, To be. That is the true desire of the heart only to be what you are. To be this Self. You are this Self, which is only It, which is permanent, eternal, unchanging, infinite, formless, timeless.

This Self is one in All and in all. This Self is impersonal Life, universal Consciousness-Being that only Is. It is like a space that cannot be grasped, described, seen. Just be aware of him. The desire to be is stored in You in your own Self, and this desire is to express oneself, that is, to be. I AM, so I AM manifesting myself this Self that Is, here on Earth.

The Kingdom of Heaven is in your Heart and shines like awareness I AM SELF. He who has awakened to his own Self has found that living in Heaven on Earth, He who has awakened to his own Self has found that there is nothing but SELF, He who has awakened to his own Self has found that all beings are his own SELF.