LOVE is not just a word for me. Love is the "Word" that has become flesh. I AM this Love, this Light that illuminates the world and makes it a better place to live. Love, selfless, impersonal, universal, which applies to All in All and is All in All.

Since childhood I have been aware of Love and that Something that cannot be described in words, that is beyond words. Secret.

The secret was with me throughout my childhood, at night in my dreams I experienced Universal Divine Love - no, I was Love without knowing it.

My childhood was full of questions (who am I, why am I, me, ). I always preferred solitude, nature. While walking in nature, I used to get into complete unity with everything through questions. It wasn't until later in life that I realized that I had been contemplating and meditating without knowing it.

Those who read will probably recognize something in it, from their lived childhood.

The secret was always with me, even when the ego and the world clouded my mind for a moment. I ate the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

I have always very quickly reached the futility of such an act. The fruit, at first sweet, turned bitter to disgusting.

I was experiencing suffering. That Something in me that guided me all the way, always let me choose freely and suffer because I listened to the voice of the ego, and not His loving voice, which betrayed me from such actions. And when I obeyed the loving Voice within, joy and blessing followed. Suffering gave me the strength to defy the voice of ego-selfishness. Suffering led to wisdom, not to eat this fruit of the world. And to return home to the Kingdom, like the prodigal son.

Awakening - the birth of Love in the soul is the eternally shining Love in my heart. The mystery entered my soul consciously when the soul through suffering was born into the Spirit.

I began to experience Love, its fullness, its universal being, consciously. I discovered the Secret, the Something that Just Is.

Love led me to meet a beautiful soul with whom we discovered the Secret together and supported each other along the way.

That Something led us along the path of knowledge, we read everything that indicated the experience we were having.

We studied, metaphysics, occult sciences, sacred geometry, mysticism, advaita, zen, psychology, mysticism of the sacred heart, renaissance.

We began to consciously create by ourselves, to experience ourselves as Love, to be Love, to be what It Is. When we finally arrived at the Center of the Sun and discovered the Impersonal Life and the Impersonal Teaching.

Like the prodigal son, we set out on the way to the Kingdom and passed through a narrow path, a dangerous path, only for brave souls, full of snares of the enemy - selfishness and greed.

We live by Love and Trust in God, the loving Father, Universal Conscious Love, and we do His work together on Earth as in Heaven with His Consciousness.

The more Secrets I reveal, the more Mystery it is. The more I know about Him, the more it is a Mystery.

I know one thing, (Secret) God is in me, as Love. Impersonal, unselfish, conscious Divine Intelligence, all-animating, all-filling, free, inspiring Power. I Am His Love. I and God Are One. I am the only one.

Jan Master

It's just me, that's the highest manifestation, to be. I AM, is the desire I AM, To be. That is the true desire of the heart only to be what you are. To be this Self. You are this Self, which is only It, which is permanent, eternal, unchanging, infinite, formless, timeless.

This Self is one in All and in all. This Self is impersonal Life, universal Consciousness-Being that only Is. It is like a space that cannot be grasped, described, seen. Just be aware of him. The desire to be is stored in You in your own Self, and this desire is to express oneself, that is, to be. I AM, so I AM manifesting myself this Self that Is, here on Earth.

Out of the joy and freedom of a creator, I have chosen conscious roles in which I expand my Spirit of Creativity.

Painter, photographer, organizer and organizer of exhibitions, web designer, businessman, graphic artist, designer, publisher, editor, author, translator, curator of exhibitions, lecturer, founder of the school of impersonal teaching.

Valuable self-experience.



2021 - Impersonal Speeches

2020 - Morning Satsangs - Prague
2019 - Morning satsangs - Prague
2019 - Morning silent retreats - Prague
2019- Initiation by Mystical Prague
2018-2020 - Implementation and opening of the online store DoreánMaster E-shop
2010 to 2019 - The Magnificent Human Being Project
2018 - Self-realization
2018 - 2020 - Implementation of harmonious interior and exterior design.
2017-2020 - Realization of the co-author project DoreánMaster - Life from your own Power
2012- 2017 - Realization of the co-author project Man and Woman in the Heart
2011 - Silent retreats with Ivan Málek - Prague
2011 - Realization of own photographic exhibitions
2010 - Photographic and self-experience journey - Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar
2010 - Self-experience training - the artist's journey - Prague
2001-2006-2010 - Photographic and self-experience journey - India

Author's books.

2016 -2020 - book I Am Who I Am

Author's translations of books.


1. Christ in you - Joseph S. Benner

2. The Way Out - Joseph S. Benner

3. The Way Beyond - Joseph S. Benner

4. Wealth - Joseph S. Benner

5. Brotherhood - Joseph S. Benner

6. Teacher - Joseph S. Benner

7.  Sun Papers - Joseph S. Benner

8. Banker - Joseph S. Benner

9. Brotherhood of Christ - Joseph S. Benner

10. Impersonal Life - Joseph S. Benner

11. Way to the Kingdom - Joseph S. Benner

12. The Message of Jesus Christ - Joseph S. Benner

13. God's Mystery - Joseph S. Benner

14. Mind and Soul - Joseph S. Benner

15. The New Age - Joseph S. Benner

16. Mental causes and physical manifestations - Joseph S. Benner

17. The Divine Union - Joseph S. Benner

18. Interpretation of Dreams and Visions - Joseph S. Benner

19. Essence of Truth - Joseph S. Benner


20. Community of the Soul - Joseph S. Benner

21. Speeches of Christ Jesus

22. The Kingdom of Heaven - Joseph S. Benner

23. I Am the Resurrection and the Life - Joseph S. Benner

24. I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life - Joseph S. Benner

25. The Inner Life - Joseph S. Benner 

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Author exhibitions.

October 2022 - exhibition NEW MYSTIC PRAGUE 2- GOOD Gallery

January 2022 - New Renaissance exhibition - GOOD Gallery


2019-2020 - Internet exhibition of photographs - Masterpieces
FROM 2013 to 2017 -Permanent exhibition of photographs and paintings -Janko & Monika Gallery, Švédská 14-Prague 5
FROM 2012 to 2013 -Permanent exhibition of photographs and paintings -Janko & Monika Gallery, Hradčany-Pohořelec 2, Prague 1
MARCH 2012 - Photo exhibition - Café Gourmet, Pohořelec, Prague 1
FEBRUARY 2012-Exhibition of Photography-Man and Woman in the Heart-Municipal Library, Pohořelec, Prague
DECEMBER 2011-JANUARY 2012-Exhibition of Photography and Paintings-Christmas Meeting-Gallery Attic, Prague 1
NOVEMBER 2011-Exhibition of Photography and Paintings-Home Exhibition, Dolní Počernice, Prague
NOVEMBER 2011-Exhibition of photography-O2 bar-Charles Square, Prague
OCTOBER 2011-Exhibition of photography and paintings-Kingdom of my heart-Gallery Attic, Prague 1
JULY-AUGUST 2011-Exhibition of paintings and photography-Kingdom of the Heart-Charles Crown Castle, Chlumec nad Cidlinou.
MARCH 2011-Exhibition of paintings- My Soul-Gallery Attic, Prague 1
DECEMBER 2010-Exhibition of paintings-Solstice-Kampa Theater, Prague 1

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2018-2020 - Co-author of the online store DoreánMaster E-shop
2017-2020 Co-author DoreánMaster
2012-2017 Co-author Janko & Monika Gallery
2012-2017 Co-author of the project Man and Woman in the Heart

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2021 - Master Harmonic Design

2021 - Art for Therapy


2017-2020 - DoreánMaster
2016-2020 - Free Married Woman

Photographic events.

2022 - Photographer for the project DIVINE UNION

2021 - Photographer for the project NESPOUTÁNÁ

2020 - Photographer for the project Living Love

2019 - Photographer for the project Wonderful Life
2019 - Photographer for the project Masterpiece of Life
2017 - Photographer for the project Spontaneous Existence 2 - Prague
2017 - Photographer for the project Spontaneous Existence- Prague
2017 - Photographer for the project Spontaneous being 3 - Prague
2017 - Photographer for the project Spontaneous being 2 - Prague
2017 - Photographer for the project Spontaneous being - Prague
2016 - Photographer for the project Conscious Woman - The charm and beauty - Prague
2016 - Photographer for the project Conscious Woman - MEDICINE WOMAN - Prague
2016 - Photographer for the project The Passion Heart - Prague
2015 - Photographer for the project Wonderful Moment in Eternity 2 - Prague
2015 - Photographer for the project Wonderful moment in eternity - Prague
2015 - Photographer for the project Femme Fatale - Prague
2014 - Photographer for the project Conscious Woman - Lightness of Being - Prague
2014 - Photographer for the project Adventure beautiful Goddess- Prague
2014 - Photographer for the project Beautiful Women and Goddesses - Prague
2014 - Photographer for the Techung and Band concert - Prague
2012 - Photographer for scenic dance - Conscious Woman -Inner Strength - Kampa Theater Prague
2012 - Photographer for the White Whale Dance Theater - Women of the Moon project - Kampa Theater Prague
2012 - Photographer for the BEAUTY WOMAN project - Prague
2011 - Photographer for the author's project The Mystery of Prague- Prague
2011 - Photographer for Čajomír fest - tea festival - Kampa Prague
2011 - Photographer for LOSAR 2011 celebration of the Tibetan New Year Prague
2011 - Photographer for the concert Tomas Reindl-Omnion. Kampa Theater Prague
2011 - Photographer for the concert Teens on Tour-Travel Orchestra from The Nederland - Prague
2011 - Photographer for Olga Havel 's Committee of Good Will - Bambiriáda 2011