Satisfaction of own Being

The real feeling of appreciation is self-satisfaction coming from one's own Heart. Satisfaction permanent, eternal, unchanging, satisfaction and bliss of one's Self, that is your true value. All external evaluations come to the body, the name, the doer - a created image of oneself that is not real. The mind speaks to this image. Don't identify with her. It's an illusion. You are the constant satisfaction of your own Self, which does not fluctuate from external evaluations, does not cling to them, nor does it deny them.

I AM your own inner Light, your own Self whom you do not notice, because you pay your attention to external objects, the world, because you think you will find Me there.

This misconception causes you to suffer and not find satisfaction.

I AM Here in your Heart. Here it means in the Heart, there in the mind. I AM in You the Light that shines on all objects of the whole world. You see the Light already reflected in the objects of the world, you pass the Source of Light which I AM in Your Heart.


What is that turn to That Light, to one's Self?

Knowledge of Me, knowledge of one's own light, one's own Self (Love, Goodness, Peace, Joy, Silence, Satisfaction, Freedom, Truth) That is all. It is enough to realize Me, that is to turn to Myself, to the Self, to the Source of Light which illuminates the manifested world.

Realizing that There is Good, Love, Peace, Joy in one's Heart, in one's Self. Then you will see Me everywhere, in everything. I am Everything, I am Everywhere, in Everything.

Wherever you go, I AM with you, The Light of Consciousness, the Light of Consciousness that I AM with You illuminates the World with the Light of Consciousness and turns it into a beautiful Earth, a paradise on Earth.

This is My Idea of Paradise on Earth, You are That Idea, You are that Paradise You are the expression of My Perfection of Love, Peace, Joy, Freedom, Truth, Beauty, Health. You My own Self.

I AM this Source of light in your heart, illuminating this light to the light of my Love, Peace, Freedom.

I AM the permanent existence of bliss. I AM a continuous constant stream of blis.

The Self is Beauty in beauty, Love in love, Peace in peace, Truth in truth, Freedom in freedom.

This Self is one and the same Self in all and all beings, in every heart.

The Self is the realization that I AM the Self.

By realizing that the Self itself is one and the same with Me, the illusion of separation disappears. 

Unconditional acceptance and love is the Conscious Presence. Consciousness that realizes that it is consciousness, is self-aware, and everything that comes and goes (feelings, emotions, thoughts, situations) is received in this Clear Consciousness unconditionally.  Unconditional Love and Acceptance non-stop, forever.  You are constantly unconditionally accepted and loved, in every moment, at every step, always, forever, forever, in your own heart, your own Self.  For you are your own Self.

Freedom is your nature. Just as salt is a natural salinity, so you are a natural Freedom.  Freedom is, it cannot be destroyed, lost. You are always free, just believing that you are chained has forced you to seek liberation. The illusion of bondage has been revealed, so there is no need to free oneself.  I AM your right Freedom, I AM your own Self.

Power itself is your nature. Just as water is naturally wet, so is your own natural Power. The Power itself is, it cannot be lost, it cannot be destroyed.  You are always your own Power, just believing that you are helpless has forced you to live like a beggar and feel guilty.  The illusion of helplessness has been revealed, so there is no need to humiliate yourself.  I AM your true Power, I AM your own Self.

Ján Master