Oh how beautiful it is to be What I always am. I am That which is constant, timeless, unchanging, eternal, which never dies and never is born, which is indescribable, formless, fearless, That which is in every heart, every eye, every smile, every tree, every bird, That which is quiet, innocent.

I salute my own Self in every person, every flower, every tree, every bird, every animal, every stone.


Jan Master

My True Self is a diamond and all the cut surfaces are my aspects Joy, Wisdom, Spontaneity, Love, Peace, Compassion, Vigor, Awe, Freedom, Truth, Innocence, Silence, Emptiness, Trust, Humanity, Creativity.

I am, always have been, and always will be This Self, natural happiness, spontaneous being, eternally free spirit, cut diamond in the heart of the Most High.

Adolescence is, emerging from the fog of ignorance. Diamond - the Self emerges from the fog or the fog of ignorance is parted.

To rest in one's Self is to manifest God on Earth.

All manifested is this wonderful Self.

The real Self is pure, innocent, never born, never able to die. It's quiet, innocent, I cry with Love for Him.

Behind all form is Silence, I AM That Silence. I cry with Love for this Silence that is my essence.

I'm home. I AM this Home. I cry with Love for my innocence, I cry with Love for my joy, I cry with Love for my wisdom, I cry with Love for my Magnificence.

What a Magnificence and Splendour Self.

The heart cries with love for Me, so Magnificent beauty has no words, it cannot be described, only crying with Love. Crying tears of Love for I for what is, realizing that this beauty I Am.

Me in my essence, Me in my self-awareness.

I embody God on Earth with my own Self in the now and here, that is the only now.

Not the past, not the future, now I am the embodiment of the Magnificence and Splendor of Spirit.

We are the all-transcending Divine Humanity.

I give up all ideas about what it was like, what it will be like and what it is like. I perceive the Magnificence and beauty of what is, my own Magnificence not separated from what is.

I stand in silence and perceive my Power which is Magnificence.

Beloved God, expand my heart to embrace You, the whole infinity, let it have no limits, let it cry with Love for You, for Your Magnificence and splendor.

Open my heart infinitely, transcend infinity with Love, shed tears of Love like pearls glittering in the sun.

Beloved God, take me whole, don't miss an atom and dissolve me in your love.

Open my mind boundlessly, to boundless Love from the heart of the Magnificent One Who Is.

The divine and human in Your heart is united in my heart.

Beloved God, I recognized Your hand on my heart. The heart cries with love for You.

You God are my heart. Only you are. You are the all-pervading Love that cries in my heart with Love for Your Magnificence.

Each moment is there for the awakening of the Spirit from the sleep of the ego. This is the Unconditional Love of That which is, Source, Existence. It is Grace. Unconditional Love Nonstop Available. It is here for you forever non-stop, you just have to wake up from the dream about yourself.

True creativity is the manifestation of Home on Earth. True creativity comes from the realization that I Am the Source of Bliss, who embodies God on Earth through creativity.

I AM free now, I am freedom now, I always have been and always will be, only the idea is that I am a victim, a person, an ego. The fact is I'm always freedom I can only dream about unfreedom, about a victim, about a person.

Reality cannot become unreal and unreality cannot become real. One can only dream about it, imagine it.

The true evolution of man is the awakening of the Spirit to its Magnificence. The true evolution of humanity is the awakening of the Spirit to its Magnificence.

Every situation offers me an awakening. Waking up from a dream of an illusion of self. When I look inwardly at every situation, I perceive in it the Truth that illuminates me. The truth is so great that even its reflection enlightens me.

Enlightenment is the ever-shining Truth. Enlightenment is. Always was, always will be, always is. Enlightenment is not an object that can be obtained.

Whom or what should I forgive when I have not accepted the identification with the victim, when I didn't accept the hate? There is no victim, there is no hatred, there is no one to forgive. Everything is just an experience of one's own Power.

And what is the Power itself? Power of love. I don't fight or run. I face the experience in my power of the Magnificence of That Which Is. I have never been a victim, a person, I am always pure Being. The person, the ego, the victim is a misidentification and misinterpretation of the mind. And from this misidentification and interpretation, all suffering arises.

Magnificence is neither superiority nor inferiority. Magnificence is. The magnificence of Love, that is the Power. Love's Own Power. Acknowledging my Magnificence, I acknowledge the Magnificence of all that is.

Freedom is the absence of a person. A person's free will is free will within a constraint. Limiting patterns and beliefs that are based on a false identification with the body and a false interpretation of reality, the mind. So what is freedom then? True Freedom is the absence of a person, an idea of - oneself. That is true Free Will.