Life from your own Courage


I had and still have the courage to follow my own untrodden path and not stop...

Courage to go and change your life from the inside.

Courage to trust your intuition. Courage to accept what IS. Courage to open up and accept your vulnerability. Courage to heal and put down your roots and spread your wings...

Courage to stay with yourself. Courage to slow down when others are pushing "go". The courage to go when others say "stop", "you won't survive".

To see the connections and say enough to what no longer works even at the cost of losses.

Courage to be as honest as possible with yourself and bring all your wounds to light, go deep, not fight or back down.

Courage to exchange fleeting feelings of ecstasy from this or that for permanent calm joy. The courage to go through "unpleasant" life situations without feeling like a victim, without the need to judge and manipulate.

Courage to believe that everything that happens in my life is only an experience and the most important thing is only what attitude I take to it, because everything cooperates with each other.

Courage to act fairly and honestly even if it doesn't "wear" much...:)

Courage to dance through life and stop playing according to other people's scripts. The courage to be myself, to like everything that belongs to me and to live from the Essence of myself, as best I can... and the courage to accept responsibility for my journey.

Monika Doreán