It is a fundamental difference for me to think who I am, know who I am and Be who I Am.

To think who I am = the idea of myself, the sum of all beliefs about myself, never sufficient, the basis of suffering, dissatisfaction, fleeting successes.

Knowing who I am means being able to name, understand, find their root, rewrite these ideas and beliefs.

Realize your true Essence.

Being who I am is self-realization, our nature, conscious wholeness.

Conscious wholeness which is peace, contentment, constant silent inner joy, happiness cannot be gained because it cannot even be lost. It is our primordial nature, only shrouded in the illusion of the mind of everything and everyone.

The fact that I "do not judge, evaluate, do not condemn" anything gives me complete freedom to be and at the same time to be able to clearly define myself and have my own clear opinion. The need to defend and prove "one's own truths" has disappeared.

All that remains is a spontaneous expression, and I'm fine with that.

I accepted my innate nature and understood that there was nothing to improve. It is my nature and only in it can I blossom the most and fully. Everyone can and so accept and stop trying to be someone else, because whatever you do, you will never feel sufficient, whole, even as the best "copy". You just waste your life endlessly trying.

I have no reason to compare or compete with others, that is self-awareness = self-confidence. I can inspire or be inspired.

Conscious Wholeness gives space to relationships without dependence - there are no more "unsaturated children's" needs - recognition, appreciation, acceptance, etc., but maturity, respect and tolerance, a whole new dimension of love.

In the first place, I have full responsibility for myself, and this automatically creates responsibility for others. Behind the "virtuous" responsibility, first and foremost, there is often an alibi fear of taking full responsibility for oneself first and trying to blame others, life circumstances, etc.

When I came to the conclusion that I could no longer and did not want to compromise, something relaxed and a great inner strength and support came.

You don't have to become or cease to be anything. And it is a conscious wholeness.

You don't have to be special to be Real. And that's what it's about.

It's about extraordinary ordinaryness. Nothing will stop you, nothing will stop you, except your own imagination.

Wholeness, Life with spark and grace is a conscious passing through "collapse", without resistance, fear, guilt, without "certainty of result", step by step ...

Being who I am is behind thinking about who I am, knowing who I am, realizing who I am. It is Unity, the achievement of external and internal harmony, the end of internal and external conflicts. It is a conscious wholeness.

Doreán / Conscious Wholeness