Life is constantly challenging me. He whispers to me, calls out to me and finally shouts at me. Cries of crisis or pain, mental or physical, are just what can lead you to rediscover what you really are.

Basically, nothing is needed, everything is fulfilled...

Stop negotiating for an easier and safer way. There isn't one like it anyway, and believe me, it would cost you too much... Eventually you will understand and know that you are safe everywhere.

One day you'll get to a point where you'll stop being afraid of something. You will realize that you can face any situation. Live without vain hopes and stop acting like someone cheated you. You are no longer a small, helpless child... Those who already know this do not need to constantly defend themselves.

I am grateful for allowing myself to risk all that is impermanent to discover the permanent, the eternal...

I am grateful that I allow myself to make decisions based on what is internally in harmony with me and not subject to external evaluation.

I'm thankful that I no longer feel guilty for always following the "rules" and stopped trying to be what others wanted me to be.

I am very grateful to be able to distinguish the real from the unreal, the genuine from the illusion... And now I know that the seemingly merciless consistency with which the real was separated from the unreal was a manifestation of supreme Grace.

I am thankful that I accepted that some people will never appreciate the value of what I do for them and I had the courage to stop doing it without regret.

I am grateful that I stop looking for myself in the outside world. Life ceases to be controlled by desire and fear. The need to add something to be more myself disappears and the fear of losing something that would impoverish me disappears. Being in its fullness and wholeness is always within you.

I am grateful to be able to say Enough to self-destructive energies - shame, guilt, self-pity, self-deprecation. It just keeps you in a circle of regret, fear, anger, expectation and dislike. They don't lead you to yourself, to what you really need, they manipulate you and, on the contrary, lead you away from yourself, from Life, from reality.

I am grateful that I no longer believe every thought that comes to my mind to be true and that I am no longer controlled by every emotion that arises.

I am grateful for the gift of conscious attention and discernment.

Striving imprisons you, being is without effort. Let go of all ideas and be who you are. There is no right or wrong in freedom, it is free from all attitudes.

I am grateful to know where wisdom comes from and with it love and joy. It comes with the ability to be at ease. Just watching and listening, quietly listening to the higher intelligence in yourself, in your inner self and acting from this space...

Monika Doreán/ Gratitude Page