It is so liberating to know, to know and to live that Nothing is as it seems...

You experience a living feeling of calmness and peace that has nothing to do with what is happening in your life

Many things that were terribly important and cost you almost all your energy - to have, to achieve, to get, to keep, to defend have lost their importance.

A vivid sense of calm and peace is no longer a transitory experience, but a permanent state.

It means realizing God-Source-Consciousness as your innermost essence, not as something external.

It means knowing yourself as a part of infinite Life.

It means freedom from compulsive thinking and negative, self-destructive emotions.

It means liberation from the feeling of inadequacy, unnecessary fears and worries.

It means acceptance of reality.

It means you don't have to wait for anything anymore.

You don't resist change, you don't cling to any situation.

You trust because you know That It Is... that nothing is as it seems...

From the heart, from life, from experience/ Monika Doreán

Invitation to the exhibition