When you get to a point in life where all that's left is a sincere trust that Life itself is taking care of you, that's probably the best thing that could happen to you in life.

You stop resisting Life and allow it to live through you. It's called forgiveness. Your mind no longer clings to feelings of guilt or self-pity.

When I stopped defending myself and got rid of my own resistance / in many forms/, Life in its true Essence began to reveal itself to me.

With Trust in Life, all limiting beliefs about yourself, about others, about life situations..., the problem ceases to be a problem, because you know that everything already has a solution, even if you don't "see" it at the moment and it really appears, sometimes up to "last minute" but that's how it is. You'll get used to it...:-)

If you want to live a life of joy and love, you have to think accordingly, regardless of your current situation. Everything you keep in your mind - in your mind, what you pay attention to, you strengthen and that will appear in your life as well...

Everything you send out mentally comes back to you...

There is no good or bad situation. There is only the "situation" and your individual reaction to it. Unconscious automatic response or conscious action.

What you believe seems true...Check it out.

Don't be afraid to act, even if you don't know all the answers yet...

You don't need to know how to change the situation, it's more important to really DECIDE to change. What you have to do will come to you.

All your power rests in this moment. How you feel in this moment creates your future. And you decide how you feel. Blaming it on something or someone is self-deception.

Confidence in Life = acceptance of what IS, a deeper level where your inner state does not depend on circumstances.

The more you mentally attend to the unwanted, the more you create it. Exit this circle.

You are much more than your mind. The mind is your very useful tool. If, of course, you control her and she doesn't control you.

Confidence in Life brings a whole new perspective on everything = A new perspective on Life brings absolute Confidence that everything is okay.

In order for you to Live fully in Trust in Life, that is in joy, love and peace, you must remember who you are. To know the essential nature of your mind... nothing more, nothing less...

Monika Doreán/ Confidence in Life