These pages and books are devoted to the profound spiritual writings of Joseph Sieber Benner of Akron, Ohio, USA (1872-1938). In the early 1920s and 1930s, Joseph Benner published a series of profound works, pamphlets, and books that are as relevant today, and perhaps more so, than when they were first written. To preserve these profound writings, they have been republished here for all who may resonate with these teachings. It is important to remember that when reading these writings, the Truth cannot be adequately expressed in words, so accept these writings as "signposts" which, if carefully followed, will help bring you Home ... to your true nature ... but only in case you have made the necessary effort.

At the age of 40, Joseph S. Benner received (directly from the Christ within) the message that the inner Self of each person is the Divine Spirit. He published this revelation anonymously in Impersonal Life (1914), which is the cornerstone of Impersonal Teaching.

"More than all, try to realize that the 'I' speaking throughout the Message is the Spirit within, your own Soul, the Impersonal Self, the Real Self, the same Self which in other moments of silence points out to you your faults, your follies, your weaknesses , and is still chastising you and trying to get you to live up to the ideals that are constantly held before your mental gaze. . . . The great blessing of the Message is that if you are ready, the "I" that speaks here will continue to speak to you directly from your heart, after you put the book down, in such a confidential and convincing way that it will remove all your problems, it will be a well of wisdom and power for you and bring you peace, health, happiness, freedom - an abundance of everything your heart desires desires."

Based on these revelations, Joseph S. Benner founded the Sun Center in 1920, which provided his students with a series of courses in inner life and impersonal life teachings, teaching them how to realize their divine inner self every day. Precisely at noon to the Silence of the Spirit, enabling "every serious seeker to heal and rise from all conditions of disharmony, disease, lack and limitation".

This was called the "Noon Chalice" and all were invited to join, wherever they were, to open the way for their brothers in Christ to "pour the Light and power of Divine Love" into their hearts. In 1933, he founded the magazine "Inner Life", which published regular student correspondence supplemented by answers to difficulties and articles on the interpretation of dreams and the coming tribulations that were to accompany the arrival of the Age of Aquarius.