These pages and books are devoted to the profound spiritual writings of Joseph Sieber Benner of Akron, Ohio, USA (1872-1938). In the early 1920s and 1930s, Joseph Benner published a series of profound works, pamphlets, and books that are as relevant today, and perhaps more so, than when they were first written. To preserve these profound writings, they have been republished here for all who may resonate with these teachings. It is important to remember that when reading these writings, the Truth cannot be adequately expressed in words, so accept these writings as "signposts" which, if carefully followed, will help bring you Home ... to your true nature ... but only in case you have made the necessary effort.

At the age of 40, Joseph S. Benner received (directly from the Christ within) the message that the inner Self of each person is the Divine Spirit. He published this revelation anonymously in Impersonal Life (1914), which is the cornerstone of Impersonal Teaching.

"More than all, try to realize that the 'I' speaking throughout the Message is the Spirit within, your own Soul, the Impersonal Self, the Real Self, the same Self which in other moments of silence points out to you your faults, your follies, your weaknesses , and is still chastising you and trying to get you to live up to the ideals that are constantly held before your mental gaze. . . . The great blessing of the Message is that if you are ready, the "I" that speaks here will continue to speak to you directly from your heart, after you put the book down, in such a confidential and convincing way that it will remove all your problems, it will be a well of wisdom and power for you and bring you peace, health, happiness, freedom - an abundance of everything your heart desires desires."

Based on these revelations, Joseph S. Benner founded the Sun Center in 1920, which provided his students with a series of courses in inner life and impersonal life teachings, teaching them how to realize their divine inner self every day. Precisely at noon to the Silence of the Spirit, enabling "every serious seeker to heal and rise from all conditions of disharmony, disease, lack and limitation".

This was called the "Noon Chalice" and all were invited to join, wherever they were, to open the way for their brothers in Christ to "pour the Light and power of Divine Love" into their hearts. In 1933, he founded the magazine "Inner Life", which published regular student correspondence supplemented by answers to difficulties and articles on the interpretation of dreams and the coming tribulations that were to accompany the arrival of the Age of Aquarius.

Joseph S. Benner speaks about his experience of spiritual awakening.

A Story of a Search for Truth

FROM earliest childhood I was more or less conscious of something within me trying as it were to get out into expression, and always I was aware of the limitations and obstacles in my outer nature preventing.

Those who read this will probably recognize in it much that was a part of their own experience, although probably it has never been brought to their attention before in just this way.

This something was always pointing out things to me, showing me how to do things, how to do them better than others did them, holding out to me ideals, pointing me to weaknesses in myself and others, and continually chiding me and warning me of disaster if I yielded to certain selfish desires.

Of course I yielded to many of such and suffered in consequence, and then was shown why. But seemingly I was too young, or too inexperienced, despite the semiconscious awareness of this inner voice, or there were too many things I wanted to do, to have or to know, that caused me not to heed it; for it was not until the age of thirty that I came to an intellectual understanding of what was that inner voice. And it came about in this way.

In my work I had been becoming gradually aware of something within as an actual power or presence influencing me to do things that ordinarily I would not think of doing, and I began definitely to wonder about it and to study myself, as I had never done before.

In this study I was reminded of the fact of my having had things often arranged for me—for instance, different positions, each a distinct advancement over the previous one, had been offered me out of a clear sky, without my in any way seeking them.

Of course I accepted them, although my ambitions had always been along artistic lines, I having been bom with a real talent—that of being able from early boyhood to draw a perfect likeness of anyone; and so I was looked upon as a prodigy and was told I would someday be a great artist. And such naturally was my chief ambition.

But evidently the One Within intended differently, because my life was ordered for me along other lines, as indicated by the positions offered me, and which because of pressure of circumstancesI could not do

other than accept.

However, from earliest memory, I was shown how—and somehow was enabled—to excel in everything I did; as a result I was always advanced to an executive capacity in each position, and thereby gained much experience in the business world and in the knowledge and handling of men.

This was the situation when I became definitely aware of that inner voice and came to my awakening—some might call it my first Initiation. My understanding of it came through noting in a magazine the advertisement of a book, "The Great Within," which so clearly described that inner Power and Voice that I immediately sent for the book and read it with keenest appreciation; for it explained much that I had been experiencing all my life, without realizing what was taking place.

This was the beginning of a period of avid searching for every thing I could get along this and other lines of thought. This book happened to be a New Thought book, one of a series, whose author was the Editor of a Magazine. The Magazine carried advertisements of other books, of which I had never heard, but which now proved of great interest.

The result was within a period of less than a year I was led to wade through an enormous amount of reading. No sooner had I finished one book than two or more were awaiting me, suggested or brought me by friends, and I quickly devoured everything, I could get of New Thought, Unity, Psychology, Philosophy, Theosophy, Spiritualism, Rosicrucianism, and their allied lines of Metaphysics, Occultism, and Alchemy.

But all the time I seemed to be half-consciously aware of having known all these things before, and it was as if I was but going over old lessons half forgotten—at least so it seemed to me later, as I looked back upon that period.

However, I do know that it stirred up in me an insatiable desire for knowledge, and I was not happy unless I was reading or studying some book on the subject that happened to be interesting me at the time. Naturally I was led to different Movements and Teachers responsible for the various books and teachings, and I became a "joiner" of them, only to find one after the other, after joining and being accepted as a member, that they did not satisfy or prove to be what I had hoped when studying their teachings.

After several experiences of this kind in various Occult, Rosicrucian and other Orders, I became more and more increasingly aware of this Inner Voice pointing out to me certain facts about these teachings and teachers, and I was learning to heed it and to turn within when problems assailed.

It was at this period that I reached another cross-roads of my life. In my business experience I had found myself naturally following methods laid down by the heads of the business, and at which something within often shook its head. I began to see clearly the motives of men, their selfishness back of most business methods, and that Inner Something was continually counseling me against certain of such. At first I did not heed, because, I told myself, all the others were doing so; but the Voice became more and more insistent.

Finally, after being shown the due consequences of several of such practices, I one day was brought up short by suddenly realizing I was trying to serve two masters—God and Mammon. I happened to be walking to the office that morning, and when this realization struck me I stopped right where I was at the time and said, almost aloud, "If that is so, dear God, there is no question whom I will serve. It will be you from this time on."

Before I reached the office I had decided on my future course, which was to resign and thereafter to be my own master, and if necessary, to start my own business, unhindered by the dictation of superior officers or Boards of Directors. I felt at the time that in some way this was another crisis in my life—a new step into a higher consciousness—shall I say, a second Initiation.

THE OCCULT side of life always had held a peculiar fascination for me. My mind was of the type that I had to know the why of things—the law back of their manifestation. Therefore I had become deeply interested in the subject of Masters and Adepts, those who understood the laws operating on all planes of being and who were able to utilize them to bring about whatever they desired. This study led me far afield.

Of course I was anxious to contact such Masters, and as I was so situated that I could retire for awhile, after a successful business career, I was able to move to Los Angeles, California, in my search for the "Leading Lights" in Occultism and Metaphysics of those days, and where I found many of them there living and teaching.

I was able to contact most of such celebrities personally and quite intimately. But I never found what I considered a real Master, either in the outer or the inner worlds of being. And despite all of my efforts to develop psychic powers, such as they are supposed to have, I never "saw" or "heard" anything in the inner or psychic world, although I met and knew many in the outer world who possessed such "powers" to a remarkable degree, some of whom were "adepts" along their particular line.

This inability to develop such "powers" caused me to do a great deal of thinking, for I must confess it was a real disappointment to me at that time, although something within was trying to assure me there was a good reason for my not being "psychic."

As I have said this Inner Voice was becoming more and more a conscious factor in my life at this stage, so much so that it was talking to me most of the time (as it really talks to everyone who does much thinking and meditating. Only a very few, however, are conscious of what is taking place). And it was always trying to tell me that the psychic phase and its phenomena that so intrigued my mind was not the real thing, was not an evidence of true spiritual development, and was not what was intended for me. Likewise it tried to show me how those "powers" held back otherwise beautiful souls and were the cause of certain faults and weaknesses in them that prevented the mastery of self, which I was more and more at this time led to see was the most im portant thing in life.

Besides this, there was a side of my nature that rebelled against the teaching about the Masters which claimed that Jesus was but one of the many that had attained mastership, and which even placed Him below other Masters responsible for certain teachings given to the world. Jesus is but the head of the Christian Religion of the world, so they claimed, while there are other great ones such as Dhyan Cohans, and Planetary Spirits; and then the Manu, the Head of the Fifth Root Race; the Christ, the World Teacher; and the Maha-Cohan, the Lord of Civilization,—Who govern the three departments of the world and Who are much higher than the Masters like Jesus, who worked under Them.

Something within me would not let me accept any of this, ah though it was claimed with much authority. I had been brought up a great lover and respecter of Jesus Christ as the Holy Spirit of God, the Light which lighteth every man in the world, and I could not see Jesus as separated from Christ, as they claimed and taught. So I continued to search farther.

More and more this Something within was making Itself evident, and I now began to feel It as like a Loving Father, as God actually closer to me than hands and feet; and while I did not as yet actually know Him as this Something, somehow His Love seemed to reach me and illumine my mind and make me see and understand things ever with greater clearness. As a result I grew to turn to and talk to Him as to a Loving Father, and I received great consolation from the fact that He seemed to lift me away from problems and to take care of them for me.

About this time I was called upon to make another definite decision. I was a member and one of the officers of a certain semi-occult movement, and I was being strongly impressed with the necessity of choosing which I would follow strictly—the way Jesus pointed, or to continue with the teachings that belittled Him in my eyes. And so I then and there said, "Not my will, but thine, dear Christ, be done."

Immediately a load seemed to lift from me, and I took it without question that I was to resign from the Movement and henceforth turn within to Christ and follow Him only. Which I did at once, without a moment's regret, although I had made dear friends among the officers and members of the Movement.

But I did more than this, I as it were turned face about and went the other way—discarded all books and teachings and turned within to this Something which I began to recognize as God or Christ or my Higher Self. For that Something had been very clearly calling my attention to the fact that all of these Teachers and Writers were getting what they taught from within themselves —I had been led to see this by actual noting when they were thus inspired, when they were talking to audiences or dictating to stenographers, and by actual questioning them how they got it.

And Something said, "If they get it from within, why do you have to go to them, when you can get it from the same Source, the One Mind, which is in you as much as it is in them?"

Thereafter I turned deliberately within for guidance and instruction, especially as somewhere at this time I had read that the words, "Be Still, and Know I AM, God,'' held a deep signicance to one who would search out their true meaning. So I determined to and that meaning.

By earnestly persisting and saying the words over many times, putting the inflection on first one word and then another, and finally punctuating them as above, suddenly it seemed, when saying it and putting a peculiar emphasis on the "I," that Something within me far bigger than the ordinary me was speaking, and another part of me, my outer mind, was listening. I repeated it with the same effect, and then I continued in the same consciousness, adding whatever I was inspired to say, and found my mind amazed at the wisdom it heard voiced.

That was the beginning; by remembering and saying the words with the same inflection and power, I seemed able to withdraw my center of awareness from my outer mind to an inner consciousness, which I knew was that of my soul, where the Christ or Real of me spoke the words that followed.

From then on, whenever the outer me desired to know anything it turned within with a query to the Father Me, as it called Him, and waited; then I spoke whatever pressed for utterance. And always it was the answer sought.

In time the outer me came to realize, from the instruction received, that what was speaking was the Real I, the Christ of me, the I AM, and what was hearing was my human mind, which was but an instrument I was teaching and training to wait upon and serve me, just as I had taught my hand to write or play the piano.

In other words, this last experience, with its final decision divorcing me from all outer teachers and teachings, and establishing me in direct contact with my Inner Self, I realized had brought about a new and distinctly advanced state of consciousness, and was another Initiation into a higher life.

WHAT was shown and proved in the months and years that followed, as my mind studied, questioned and was taught the many things it wanted to know, was that I alone AM, that the same "I" that I AM, is within every man, is the Light which lighteth him and is likewise the Life which groweth and unfoldeth him; and therefore It is the same Light that is in every master, adept, soul or human mind. And that Light is Jesus Christ, as St. John so wonderfully taught in the first chapter of his Gospel, even if in many it shines in the darkness of the human mind and the darkness there knoweth it not.

Now naturally this great Truth cannot be fully known by anyone until it has been experienced by him. And one cannot experience it until one has grown his soul and developed his mind to where they are completely attuned to one another and to the Light of the Christ within, enabling this Light to shine through perfectly illumining the consciousness in each so that what is in the Heaven of Consciousness can be clearly seen by the mind. In such perfect relationship and attunement, it can be seen that all that the Father has the Son—the I AM—has, and all that the Son has the mind has. Thereafter there is nothing hidden from the outer man—all Wisdom, all Love, all Power are his, but are used only on earth as they are in Heaven.

With the coming of this awareness, this knowing, all interest in Occultism, in Masters, and their powers faded into insignificance, as compared with the knowing that'All that the Father hath is mine," and that "I and My Father are One."

Can you see what this means, and what is the real Consciousness of Jesus Christ? In this Consciousness, all powers are yours and you are their master, even as Jesus was the master of all powers when on Earth. For in that Consciousness you are much more than your human self, are of a higher degree than any master of self, or any adept possessing psychic powers; because the Christ of you dwells far above the realms of consciousness where self and such psychic powers exist, and where Divine Love, Peace, Harmony and Perfection only are always in evidence.

In that High Consciousness you look down or out upon the forces of the world, the flesh and the self and see them as the illusions of a mind imagining itself separate from you and the One Mind, which we know as God and as the Only Consciousness, where all is Goodness and Perfection in a Love, Wisdom and Power that KNOWS and rules all things.

When a true understanding of this comes it will be seen that Occultism is allowed to appeal to and influence one's mind until it makes one aware of the inner Source of all power, and awakens the Love nature, which gradually unfolds until the Christ is bom in the heart. The Christ, the Inner Self, grows and thrives, through the experience of many trials and testings, until the loving and serving of God becomes the first and supreme desire of one's life. Then after many opportunities given to prove this, a final test must be met, such as came at my third "Initiation," when the Christ now ruling the Soul makes Himself known to the mind, and gradually takes possession of and rules the life.

This is shown outwardly by the "work" then done in the world. The outer man then becomes the channel or instrument through which many others are led into a similar awareness of the Christ within and into a life of loving service. To them nothing else is of importance, the outer world becomes only a field for such service.

Previous to that third "Initiation" I was seeking a "Master" and the powers he could help me acquire, presumably for use in his service, as Occultism teaches. But after that "Initiation," when the Christ Self made Himself known, and proved to me He could "teach me all things and lead me to all truth," I naturally had no need of and lost all interest in outer "Masters," in Occultism and in what it taught and promised.

For I now knew that the Comforter, the Holy Spirit of God, had come and was the Real I, who Jesus promised nineteen hundred years ago He would send to all who would believe in and follow Him.

Therefore those who still seek and want to be taught by a Master in the outer or the inner worlds of consciousness, are still in that stage preliminary to the birth of the Christ Spirit in them.

They cannot truly know who and what is Jesus Christ until He is bom in their hearts, is known there as I AM, and grows there in wisdom and power until He rules both mind and heart.

You who know of His Presence and who are allowing Him to rule, are unconcerned about the statement of Occultists that only Masters and the Occult Path lead to the highest goal of attainment. They are content with the Christ Wisdom and Power, and tile knowing that all that the Father hath is theirs.



A section for getting to know the Impersonal Work.





The seminal Impersonal Work recorded by Joseph Benner, dictated by the True Divine Self - God, is the first secret encounter with one's True Self - God within. Loving, clear words that penetrate into the depth of one's being are the key that unlocks the door to knowledge (who am I really?).


I AM You, that part of you who IS and KNOWS;


And always knew, and always was.

Yes, I AM You, Your SELF; that part of you who says I AM and is I AM;

That transcendent, innermost part of you which quickens within as you read, which responds to this My Word, which perceives Its Truth, which recognizes all Truth and discards all error wherever found.Notthat part which has been feeding on error all these years.

For I AM your real Teacher, the only real one you will ever know, and the only MASTER;

I, your Divine SELF.

I, the I AM of you, bring to you this My Message, My living Word, as I have brought to you everything in life, be it book or "Master," to teach you that I, and I alone, your own True Self, AM The Teacher for you, the only Teacher and the only God, Who is and always has been providing you not only with the Bread and Wine of Life, but with all things needed for your physical, mental and spiritual growth and sustenance.

Therefore that which appeals to YOU, as you read, is MY Message, spoken to your outer human consciousness from within, and is but a confirmation of that which the I AM of you always knew within, but had not yet translated in definite, tangible terms to your outer consciousness.


The book Way Out is the definitive instruction and law, the way out of financial limitation and all limitations of the mind.

We know that with many finances are often a problem. All followers of Jesus Christ should learn the law which if obeyed will enable them to rise out of all conditions of lack, limitation, inharmony, disease and unhappiness that may manifest.

You ask if this is really possible, and if there is a law which if obeyed will enable one to accomplish all that.

We say emphatically, there is such a law, and that you can be free from the fear and dominance of money, that you can have an abundance of all good things, that you can be well and happy, and can bring about an adjustment into perfect harmony of all departments of your life - if you want these things enough to train yourself to obey this law.


Continuation of the definitive path from mind limitation.

In our booklet, THE WAY OUT was pointed the way to freedom from lack, limitation, inharmony, disease and unhappiness, and there is no excuse for any who faithfully follow the suggestions given to be any longer in such condition.

The booklet has reached scores of thousands of readers and many have been lifted by its truths into a new consciousness and thereby into a new world, where everything and everybody are changed, for they are seeing with new eyes and with a different understanding.

That which appears is no longer what it seemed, but the good and the real are now visible and can be seen shining through all conditions and people - because they are now looked for, and the former negative tendencies are tabooed and not allowed to enter the consciousness.


The Message of the True Self - through Joseph Benner - the message of the one true Teacher, the own Divine Self, within each person.

And shall I now tell you about My Impersonal Life, how you may consciously live it with Me, and be wholly One with Me, Your True Self, your Father-in-Heaven?

Then listen! And meditate long and earnestly on all I now shall say. Do not pass by a single sentence or any one thought in it until My meaning becomes clear.

I seek nothing but to BE and EXPRESS My Self in and through you. My Self is purely Impersonal, for It is the Real self of every human being. I AM the pure, perfect, selfless, inner nature of every human self, ensouled in their physical bodies, in order to develop them into mediums for the expression of My Divine attributes on earth, even as it is in Heaven.

Therefore, you, too, must seek nothing but to be and express your True self, which is I, your Divine, Impersonal Self. Thereby do you unite your purpose with Mine, your will with My Will, your nature with My Nature; and thus become One with Me, and We become Two-in-One, the Divine estate on earth.


The message of the True Self - through Joseph Benner - the message of the own Divine Self, in every person, directed to all who seek the way to the Kingdom.

LISTEN! And ponder.Are you not seeking happiness, peace, health, love, the fullness of life here on earth?

Think you you will find them in the things and practices of the world? Have you not learned the futility of that?Think you you can be truly rich and truly happy, when millions of your brothers are in poverty and misery?

No, My child; not until you have risen above all the illusions of this world of yours, have had your sight cleared by misery and suffering, have felt the poverty of love, have hungered for the TRUE Bread of Life, and have finally gotten a taste of it through forgetting self and serving your brothers, with My Righteousness as the guiding influence of your life, - can you ever find true happiness, find that peace, that harmony, that love your Soul craves. But when you HAVE found THAT, then you have indeed entered into My Kingdom.


The message of the True Self - through Joseph Benner - the message of the own Divine Self, in each person, directed for all whose hearts call them to service.

YOU who have reached that stage in your climb to the heights where you are no longer seeking anything of self, having tasted of all that the outer world and its human teachers can offer, and something within is strongly insisting that you begin to prove and demonstrate what you have learned by living it and using it to help others who are still seeking;

You, who have felt within the heart a definite call to service and yearn to follow and obey, but who from obeying many urges in the past, only to be disappointed and disillusioned each time by failure of the leaders to be worthy of the Causes they represent, and you are therefore uncertain about this call, and are fearful of not knowing just what you ought to and can do;

You who have not yet had this experience, but who are moved by a strong loving desire to help lift the load from those less fortunately situated, and who would know what is that insistent something within, and whose the voice that thus calls;

Know, one and all, what you feel is My Love quickening into conscious active life in your heart, and what you hear is My Voice calling you to make ready for the Work I have been preparing you for - a Work that is your Work, long waiting for you to do,- when you have proven that self is no longer in control, and that you are willing to let Me lead the remainder of the way.


45 Lessons for Beginners on the Path to the Kingdom of God Consciousness. You will be guided by the True, Divine Self through Joseph Benner.

ALREADY you are entering into a wider understanding. There are many who have gone on, yet in ignorance of much with which you are familiar. So far we have clearly stated the first fact — Who are we? Indestructible spiritual beings. The living knowledge of this alters your whole mental attitude towards sin, sickness, and death. Now we approach with reverence and humility our next consideration — Why am I?

The whole answer is contained in one sentence: You are, because God is; but as man is still blinded by false sense, I will endeavor to speak from your own standpoint. In the place where you are, there is a work of the highest importance to be done, and no one else can do your work. God has brought you to this time and place in order to carry out perfect laws.

You may never be known to the world, but your work shall stand for ever. By your own indwelling spiritual forces you will spiritualize and make real the plane of shadow and confusion. Working from the same spiritual standpoint, there will be no separation between us and you. In reality, there is no division. Your world sense of fear is the only barrier between us. This is a falsity, and belongs to ignorance and chaos. You are just where you are for the doing of God's perfect work. Hold an attitude of receptivity of heart and mind.

All the good around you exists for ever, and can never change or be lost. It is spoiled to you, because your eyes have opened to good and bad.


A section for advanced students of the Impersonal Work

The Living Teachings of Jesus Christ as recorded by Joseph Benner, dictated by Jesus Christ. As you read these words, you are in His Presence, One with Him. Jesus Christ is Love in us, enlightening our minds with Truth. Perfect Truth is the Light of His Love which absorbed in spirit, soul, mind and body is a direct evidence of God's Love.

Joseph Benner did not publish this book independently, all the chapters are from the monthly INNER LIFE, which was published from 1933 to 1940. While editing the articles from INNER LIFE, the book itself appeared and could be published.

The time must soon be when thou must make Me frst in thy thoughts, must turn to Me for guidance in all that thou dost. For without Me as Love thou art nothing and canst do nothing - nothing that will bring harmony and peace into thy life. But with Me all things are possible, even worldly sucess. Yea, selfless Love can accomplish anything, few human hearts can stand before it, and in time all will succumb to its power.

Then beloved, seek to know Love. Do not pass it by as mere sentimentality, as some would have ye believe. Study it. Note its effect on thee, and on others. Open thyself to it, and let it rule in thy heart and mind.

But it must be selfless Love; for selfish love is even more harmful and causes more misery than cold intellectuality.

And know, Love is the only way unto Me and unto the Father. Those who wish to know Me can find Me no other way. For Love is My Voice, the way thou mayest always know when I speak. Learn to know My Voice, beloved.

That is why, here at the beginning, I, Jesus Christ, tell thee that I, Love and the Father are One; that Love is all I AM and all that the Father IS; that without Love ye are nothing, but with Love the way for thee is wide open unto the Father, and He but awaits thy recognition of Me as I AM, to pour out upon thee the riches of His Kingdom.

editor - Ján Master

These beautiful words in this book are the pure speech of the Divine Self, God to man. Truths as bright as the radiant light of the sun are a gift to man from His Father in Heaven.

Joseph Benner did not publish this book independently, all the chapters are from the monthly INNER LIFE, which was published from 1933 to 1940. While editing the articles from INNER LIFE, the book itself appeared and could be published.

"Dear Father, may I ask just who You are? I know you are my real Self-but what is that Self? Is it my Soul, my Christ Self, or my Father in Heaven?"

"Listen, My Son, and know the truth. I who now speak, and who have spoken, taught and guided you from earliest childhood, Am your real and only Self. I Am the soul of you, the Father of your human mind, in that I have extended My Consciousness and Life in you in this life, even as I extended it in many bodies in many lives in ages past; and you in this life are as much of God's or the One Consciousness as I have unfolded, and as much spiritual understanding as I have gained from all past experience and Am able to convey to your brain-mind, and which I Am giving it as fast as I can develop and prepare it to receive it.

editor - Jan Master

An Impersonal Work recorded by Joseph Benner, dictated by the True Divine Self - God.

11 God's Mysteries, revealing the Truth about I AM, about Good, about Healing, about Health, about Purity, about Giving, about Humility, about Renewal, about Freedom, about Religion, about Death.

Long lost Divine Mysteries by Joseph S. Benner found in Czech translation and back translated into English.

The Sixth Mystery is the Mystery of Giving. Behold, I have placed My sun above the clouds, and the light in which He lives is the light that radiates by itself. It is not illuminated by any other light coming to it, but only by its own light coming from it. So have I given you the power to radiate My Love, My Happiness, My Health, My Wealth, My Life Force, and My Wisdom.

And since the sun cannot live by any other light than that which it emits, that is, it gives, it is not possible for you to live in any other light than that which you emit.

Love cannot be received as a gift from outside, just as the sun cannot receive Light from outside.

All things go from the inside out. I have given you all of them to radiate from you.

Editor and translation - Jan Master

A book full of the teachings of Christ from the Kingdom of Heaven (from the consciousness of Christ) - only for those devoted to God and Christ, whose hearts are burning for Freedom and Truth.

Joseph Benner did not publish this book independently, all the chapters are from the monthly INNER LIFE, which was published from 1933 to 1940. While editing the articles from INNER LIFE, the book itself appeared and could be published.

"My child, think you l do not understand your needs, likewise your desire to serve me and to do the Lord's Will? Because you do not truly know me-that I Am your real and only self, and have always been within, trying to get your interest and attention; but you preferred to turn to outer teachings and authorities- I have allowed you to go and learn the hard way, the way of experience.

"But if you will now turn within to me and wait upon me every moment of the day, desiring only to please me-your inner self, concerned not at all about results, about outer things and interests or even your spiritual advancement, but keeping mind and heart fixed on me in a simple, childlike, perfect love and trust, believing all that I tell you- I will prove to you that I Am your one and only teacher, and must be our only authority; that I provide all things that you need; give you the power and ability to do anything necessary; supply you with the wisdom and understanding to handle every problem that confronts you; and will eventually bring your consciousness back into my consciousness, so that we will be one consciousness, and you as a mind will no longer be separate from me, but will be my selfless and perfect instrument, as your hand exists but to serve your mind.

editor - Jan Master

This book by Joseph Benner is the Direct Path to the Kingdom. Know the Truth in this book and the Truth will set you free.


Joseph Benner did not publish this book independently, all the chapters are from the monthly INNER LIFE, which was published from 1933 to 1940. While editing the articles from INNER LIFE, the book itself appeared and could be published.

You will notice that we said "apparent" because what appears is only what appears in your mind. Try to understand what we mean. The way Jesus performed all his miracles was by refusing to see what had appeared and then continuing to see what had appeared and act as if it already was.

There is a great secret hidden in these words. Instead, you did nothing and just waited for guidance. This is not what your true Self has taught you to do when it provides you with all these truths; It expects you to apply and use them.

What are these truths? He gave you the power to think - to think only good and perfect thoughts, such as God would have you think. Then you should know that God loves you and cares for you and gives you all good things.

If you really know it, you will see like Jesus, you will actually see it on a mental level; you will see how He gives you all the good things, and you will act as if you had them - instead of sitting and waiting for them to manifest.

But how can you act like you have them? In many ways, but mainly by refusing to see and for a moment consider the lack of any good thing. In other words, you must live in that mental world of goodness and abundance so realistically that it is the only world for you, that is, believe what is there - when it has to manifest itself in the outer world.


This book by Joseph Benner clarifies the Truth about the soul and the Impersonal Life in everyday practice. Real Impersonal Learning for all students and thinkers of Truth.

Joseph Benner did not publish this book independently, all the chapters are from the monthly INNER LIFE, which was published from 1933 to 1940. While editing the articles from INNER LIFE, the book itself appeared and could be published.

YOUR QUESTION CONCERNING HEALING is one that confronts every disciple until the Law is truly known.

We know how you feel when you want to help anyone who needs healing and understanding. But you have found the only true way you can help them, and that is to see in them only Christ, or God, who is All in all. To the degree that you KNOW and see Him - you see right through the outward appearance, no matter what they are - you can not only bring about healing, but you can lift them out of the darkness in which their souls have wandered. Whenever you feel a strong, compelling urge to help anyone, when you see such a person suffering or needing help, be sure that when you know the above Truth and see that person's Christ or true Self, you are not breaking any Law but following the guidance of your Divine Self, which is One with the other's Christ Self.


The real food of Truth for the soul. For all students of TRUTH.

Joseph Benner did not publish this book independently, all the chapters are from the monthly INNER LIFE, which was published from 1933 to 1940. While editing the articles from INNER LIFE, the book itself appeared and could be published.


I AM your true and only Self. I AM the Light and Life within you; The Light and Life that resides in everyone on Earth and in all realms of consciousness. All things are filled with My Eternal Life and are filled and surrounded by My Pure White Spirit Light. "I am the Resurrection and the Life; he who believes in Me, though he was dead, will live. Whoever lives and believes in ME will never die? Do you believe that?"


The Perfect Truths on the Way to the Kingdom of God Consciousness given to us by Joseph Benner are clear instructions that guide us along the narrow path to the Kingdom. Everyday sincere and honest work bears fruit.


"I am the Way-the only way you can travel-either without or within; for only by using My power can you be, can you express, can you do, can you go. Hence only by finding and knowing Me as your true and only self, can you ever find the Kingdom.

"I am the Truth. There would be no knowing in you if it were not for Me in you. For am I not the Interpreter-the only Teacher of Truth-the only Knower-for you?

"I am the Life. There would be no life in your body if I were not dwelling in it-for I am the Life that lives it. I am the Life of God that flows into, centers in you, expresses you, and Is you."Therefore you must seek and find Me, that you may know and become I AM-for only by entering in and being Me, can you come into the Consciousness of the Father, Who is One with Me."


The Sun Papers are 28 Lessons - Diamonds of Truth for advanced students of the Impersonal Work by Joseph Benner. The Sun Papers are a continuation of the Way to the Kingdom and are enriched with 4 new chapters and 2 articles.

These lessons will clarify much, clear the mind of all rubbish and bring it to its Lord who is your true Self - the Christ in you. The mind becomes a humble, loving servant of You - Christ. You will weep with Love for your True Self as you go through these lessons and incorporate the Truth into your practical life.

First get quiet and still your human mind and all its thoughts. Then speak
commandingly the words as taught in "The Impersonal Life," —

"Be Still, and KNOW — I AM, God."

Speak them with all the force of your soul, your inner self, expecting to be obeyed. Then in the quiet that ensues, open your heart and let love out. If you do not know how — it is by pouring your heart out to God in loving adoration. And think of God as the Great Self of you, whose life animates you, whose intelligence is your mind, whose power enables you to do all things you do; who is also the life, intelligence and power in all things outside of you.

Continue to let love thus pour out of you, and while doing so study that love; note that it is coming from somewhere deep within you. Go within where it is. Watch, as you join with it! You are becoming absorbed in that love! Yes, you are merging into it — it is possessing you! No, YOU are that love!


This book is a wonderful gift from the Brotherhood of Christ that allows us to see and realize that all the diseases and disharmonies in our lives are created by ourselves based on wrong thinking and the subsequent feeling of negative thoughts and beliefs and negative emotions. A Law is applied which is so simple:

"Whatever you think and thus hold in consciousness manifests in your body and affairs."

Joseph Benner did not publish this book independently, all the chapters are from the monthly INNER LIFE, which was published from 1933 to 1940. While editing the articles from INNER LIFE, the book itself appeared and could be published.

IT IS THE purpose of this magazine to inform its readers of all possible facts that will enable them to know and apply the laws of life, so that they can convert any inharmonious conditions in their minds, bodies and affairs into harmonious ones, and can thus align themselves with the One Life and the One Mind, in order that they can co-operate consciously with them.

We wish again to state the law—that what is now manifesting is the result of what has been believed and is now held in consciousness as being so. Therefore, all that is needed to change what is manifesting is to change the picture-belief held in consciousness. How to do this is most clearly stated and explained in The Way Out. All of these cases graphically illustrate and confirm its teachings.


A very timely book from the Divine Self through Joseph Benner, which is written in a time of great tribulation for humanity, which is relevant for today, as each time has its days of tribulation and its elect of God.

Joseph Benner did not publish this book independently, all the chapters are from the monthly INNER LIFE, which was published from 1933 to 1940. While editing the articles from INNER LIFE, the book itself appeared and could be published.

EVERY sensitive soul in the world today is feeling with unmistakable insistence the coming of some great change in the affairs of humanity; something impending that will alter the present condition of every man on earth.

We have tried to show in editorials and articles how all men are graded according to their spiritual growth, this growth being determined by their understanding and love of God. This means that those who love Him the most, and prove it by the wise and selfless way in which they are serving Him, by reaching and helping great numbers of His children, are elders of the race; while those who denounce Him, who claim there is no God, and who scoff at and persecute His worshippers, blaspheme His Name, and live a life of selfishness, thievery, crime, rapine, and murder, are but the infants of the race, not even knowing that they are a part of humanity.

We have shown that we are at the end of another term of lifes school, that all men are come to examination time, and that every one must face the Examiner and prove whether he has leaened his lessons and is ready to go forward into the next class, or if he is to stay where he is.

We have endeavored to make clear that a great Teacher named Jesus Christ came at the beginning of the term and gave certain fundamental teachings that He required each pupil to learn, and He promised that at the end of the term He would come again and judge all and would then separate all men into two classes, setting those who had faithfully striven to follow His teachings on His right hand and those who had not on His left.


he Perfect Truths on the Way to the Kingdom of God Consciousness given to us by Joseph Benner are clear instructions about the mind and soul.

Joseph Benner did not publish this book independently, all the chapters are from the monthly INNER LIFE, which was published from 1933 to 1940. While editing the articles from INNER LIFE, the book itself appeared and could be published.

So it must be only the consciousness of your brain mind, your soul's outer reflection, that through wrong teachings and beliefs thinks it dwells in a body of flesh full of inharmonies, and likewise that this world it sees around it, as reported by the feshly senses, is only what it appears to be to the mortal mind. The fact is that all these are but concepts or picture creations of the mortal mind and have no existence except in mortal consciousness, which itself is a delusion because it deems itself separate from your Divine Consciousness; when it could not be separate, for it is your consciousness, and there is only one consciousness, God's Consciousness.

If you can get your mind to see this and then to stop believing these mortal concepts, which are all lies, and to turn its vision instead to that pertect Self within and to the perfect world there that you see and know in your Divine Consciousness,it will gradually refuse to believe and look upon the untrue pictures it has been carrying around in its consciousness thinking they are real.

It is this mind of yours that you are teaching the above truths by means of the hard but necessary experiences of life. When it finally believes and accepts these truths and turns away from the lies of former beliefs, refusing to allow their thought pictures in the mind anymore, seeing always instead only the good and perfect things belonging to your true nature and your true world, then all these old beliefs and pictures will dissolve and likewise their outer manifestations for they cannot exist when you no longer feed them with your interest and your acknowledgment of their reality.


Perfect teaching, through Joseph Benner, that leads directly to the Kingdom WHICH IS CONFIRMED BY DIRECTLY LIVING IN THE KINGDOM - IN GOD'S CONSCIOUSNESS. Each chapter of the book is PURE TRUTH FROM THE DIVINE SELF IN US.

Joseph Benner did not publish this book independently, all the chapters are from the monthly INNER LIFE, which was published from 1933 to 1940. While editing the articles from INNER LIFE, the book itself appeared and could be published.

After your letter came, I began to wonder about all of these false beliefs of being outside the Kingdom—about how long this has been going on. If we have been deceiving ourselves about so many things, why should we believe in time? We imagine that the earth turns around causing so-called days. And then there are so'called years, and centuries, and eons. Don't you see that we have been deceiving ourselves about all this? It suddenly occurred to me that we have not been out of the Kingdom one single second! We have just dreamed it all.

Can't you see that we went to sleep right in the middle of the Garden of Eden, among all the flowers and fragrance and glory just a minute ago ? And during that minute we have dreamed of worlds and races and misery and death and wars and suns and stars, and because we were so miserable it seemed ages and ages. WHEN IN REALITY IT WAS ONLY A MINUTE!

Now, sometime ago I discovered that this so-called human consciousness was a dark layer of something around the earth, and therefore around my and your and everyone's soul or real consciousness—a layer only as thick as a sheet of paper. And that all we needed to do was to turn our minds away from this outer layer of darkness within ourselves to the Light shining there, and we would see the Garden of Eden where we really lived.

If this is true—and I KNOW it is—then we have been thinking all this life and power into something that is really nothing. There is no outer world, no selfishness, no sick, poor, evil, warring personalities, and no time! What made time and all these things? It was our minds dreaming it all!

We must cleanse our minds of all these false beliefs, for they have been created out of a false consciousness, and have no more reality than the stuff out of which all our dreams are made.


The full teachings of Christ in a direct, clear, concentrated and practically lived form, through Joseph Benner, is the true Impersonal Work, for all students of Christ's Teachings.

Immerse your mind, soul and body in the Essence of Truth, and the Truth Will Set You Free.

Joseph Benner did not publish this book independently, all the chapters are from the monthly INNER LIFE, which was published from 1933 to 1940. While editing the articles from INNER LIFE, the book itself appeared and could be published.

DO YOU realize that the word "concern" is one of the most important words in our language at the present time?

Why? Because your concern about what is happening these days more than anything else will involve you in whatever trials and tribulations are happening in the world. We will show you how this is so.

First know that nothing that is happening can in any way affec you, unless your mind accepts it as so and believes that it is affecting you. By the same token, nothing can hurt you if you do not let it in your consciousness; for what is not in your consciousness does not exist to you. Study these words carefully, for in them is hidden a very great truth.

That of which you are not conscious at a particular time, of course, is not—to you at that time. There can be no question about this, for your consciousness is all that you are, and what is in your world is only what is in your consciousness. That which is not in your consciousness, therefore, has no existence in your world.

Can you grasp the great significance of this? It means that if you do not let a thing get into your consciousness, it will not get into your life or affairs, and therefore it cannot affect you.

Does this apply to everything that is happening around you and that is affecting everyone else? It truly does, and is just why we are emphasizing this great truth. You need not be affected by anything, if you do notlet it concern your mind.


Another excellent Impersonal Work by Joseph Benner, it is a concentration of Truth for everyday life. Benner is working here with God's Law that

"What is manifesting now is the result of what you think and believe to be so."

and clearly shows us its use in practical life.

Joseph Benner did not publish this book independently, all the chapters are from the monthly INNER LIFE, which was published from 1933 to 1940. While editing the articles from INNER LIFE, the book itself appeared and could be published.

Now let us see if we can get something across to you. We are going to restate the law, but in a different way, reversing the order of it. The fact that you see so prominently in your mind and believe it is so that outer conditions have not changed, is what prevents those conditions changing in the outer; because what you see and believe to be so in your mind must outmanifest in the physical. The moment that you can change that picture in your mind and see and believe a different thing is so, the outer conditions will correspondingly change.

Now let us show you that the change is actually beginning, whether you see it outwardly or not. You state that things and conditions do not concern you as much as they used to, and you are quieter and more peaceful within. In other words, you are beginning to take your mind off of that old picture and are not feeding it very much these days, because it does not concern you so much. When there is absolutely no concern about it and you do not feed that picture at all—do not even think of it anymore, you will find that it will disappear from your consciousness and therefore from outer manifestation, being replaced by the new picture of the truth you are building, as you more and more believe it is so.

If you will carefully consider and then meditate upon all that we have stated, you will find that it answers all your questions, and eventually your mind will give in to the truths that you are building in its consciousness.


IN THIS Department will be included teachings and truths for more advanced students, especially for those who have received the monthly lessons in the Papers during the past five years.

Some of our readers perhaps may not be able to grasp these truths, but we urge if so that they reserve them for future study and consideration, as they will contain matter of vital moment to the soul, when it is grown ready to receive and use it as intended.

Joseph Benner did not publish this book independently, all the chapters are from the monthly INNER LIFE, which was published from 1933 to 1940. While editing the articles from INNER LIFE, the book itself appeared and could be published.

"We want you first to get acquainted with yourself as a soul-as a ray of Gods Consciousness, so that you will know that you are not your mind, that it is but your instrument or vehicle of consciousness on the earth plane, and that you will learn to utilize and direct all of its powers, even as from a higher level you will later learn to direct and utilize all of the powers of your soul."

And then that it is assumed "that you have brought your mind to that state of efficiency where you can hold its attention and interest upon any given thought to the exclusion of everything else."

This ability more than anything else is required, for we are intending to go and work in consciousness with others who need help and to whom we may be sent by our Higher Selves or by our Brothers in Spirit. But we are going to talk to and work with the souls or others, instead of with their outer personalities—to talk with their real selves, where we need not be interfered with by their human minds and all of their wrong beliefs.

For remember, their souls or real selves are centers of the One Consciousness, and are therefore not separate from It or from you, but are in your consciousness, which is the One Consciousness—even as are they also.

Therefore, the moment you, turn your minds attention and interest to anyone, that moment are you seeing and are with that one in consciousness—or in spirit, if you will—if you only know it, and can converse with him just the same as in the flesh.


This book of Impersonal Teaching establishes Love and Trust in God as the Source of all Good, all provision, all good thoughts, actions and actions. When practicing Trust in everyday life, there come tests and trials of faith, love and trust. The direct experience of Trust in the Source of All Good is full alertness and openness, acceptance of everything as it is and full awareness of God's Presence in action. Christ-The True Image of God (His Love) walking on Earth as in Heaven.

Joseph Benner did not publish this book independently, all the chapters are from the monthly INNER LIFE, which was published from 1933 to 1940. While editing the articles from INNER LIFE, the book itself appeared and could be published.

YE ARE NOT flesh and blood, as ye have thought, but are substance of My Substance.

Ye have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you. You must not even think you had anything to do with the choice.

Go forth in that understanding. I am the life in your body. Know it, and be forever free from the ills of the flesh. For is not My Life always pure and perfect?

Then why allow your mind to deny My perfect expression as your self?

Healing power is therefore within you, not without—for I am that Power.

Receive and use Me.

Soon ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make ye free from every limiting thought—-which means from everything limiting My outer expression. For I cannot long be limited, even by your mind, which is also My expression of My Self.

Dwell on the words, "I am Life." There is no other than My perfect Life.

Then shall My Life come forth and express its perfection.

I HAD asked a question about the confusion or disatisfaction which sometimes arises from seeking without, when the following came:

My child, it is because you thought you had to seek without to be taught by

Me. Now you know otherwise.

I am you Teacher—the only Teacher for you. Know that always. Be

ever conscious of Me within, and allow Me to guide: hen you cannot fail.

As you go about your daily tasks knowing always I am within, then are you always open to My guidance. For when you are thus constantly aware of My Presence, you cannot possibly fail or be misled.

By thus abiding in the consciousness of Me, in time you will merge

into My Consciousness, when you will be able to see Me in all men and in every living thing. For Am I not the Light of the world, and do not all live and move and have their being in My Consciousness?


The Brotherhood of Christ 42 Diamonds of Truth by the Brotherhood of Christ for Advanced Students of Impersonal Work by Joseph Benner.

These Great Truths of the Great White Brotherhood, are the shining diamonds in the Heart of the One. Each diamond is a deep Truth that shines with the Light of Christ, illuminating the mind from the darkness of separation and illusion.

After reading this Truth, the automatic process of living this Truth begins. They are a deep realization and subsequent purification from lies, which is sometimes not pleasant for the mind and its illusory creation of ego-selfishness.

Joseph Benner did not publish this book independently, all the chapters are from the monthly INNER LIFE, which was published from 1933 to 1940. While editing the articles from INNER LIFE, the book itself appeared and could be published.

But both the Christ and the Anti-christ, from what we have shown, must then be acting as attributes and agents of God's Will, fulfilling opposite purposes, it is true, but perhaps both working to accomplish for God what He has planned from the beginning— the redemption and perfecting of man. We will study into that thought to see where it leads.

IN ORDER properly to do so, we ask you to try to rise with us in consciousness where you can be entirely outside of human consciousness and can look down upon the earth and see man for just what he is. Thereyou can see all of his childlike foolishness, selfishness and greed, his lack of love and consideration for others, and the consequent penalties he is paying to the Great Law for such disobedience. He seemingly cannot or does not want to learn that only by obeying the Law of Love, which is the guiding Law of all who are freed from human consciousness, can he attain to complete harmony and happiness. Yet he is constantly seeking freedom from trouble, hardship, lack, limitation, sickness, suffering, and even from sin and evil, dimly realizing that they are the outgrowth of his selfishness.


The Banker is a book about the truth about money and real Power, for advanced students of the Impersonal Work by Joseph Benner.

The book reveals money as it is and the real Power that is mistaken for the power of money. The book reveals the secret of the medium of exchange - money.

Joseph Benner did not publish this book independently, all the chapters are from the monthly INNER LIFE, which was published from 1933 to 1940. While editing the articles from INNER LIFE, the book itself appeared and could be published.

What is this mysterious, invisible medium of exchange, that makes possible a fellowship with the gods and the inhabitants of heaven?

It is the power and the practice of universal, impersonal, loving service in immediate response to an expressed or unexpressed need.

Is that too simple? Stop and think! "Universal" service implies a service utterly unmindful of color, race, nation, personality or sex.

editor -JAN MASTER

In this book, Joseph Benner introduces us to remarkable children and their parents and how to perceive and help these children.

Joseph Benner did not publish this book independently, all the chapters are from the monthly INNER LIFE, which was published from 1933 to 1940. While editing the articles from INNER LIFE, the book itself appeared and could be published.

THERE are many remarkable children in the world today, those who naturally are to be the leaders of the coming generation, but more especially those who will usher in and be the leaders of the New Age.

Most of these children are in families whose parents do not understand them and seemingly hinder rather than encourage and help the development of their unusual souls. We know that that they do not hinder, however, for such souls in their greater understanding and unfoldment probably chose the families and conditions into which they incarnated, often choosing the ones providing the greatest handicaps as affording the best opportunities for developing the strength of character and powers of mind needed for the work they came here to do.

But this was not the case with all, for due to the special work they were preparing for, it was often necessary to have parents who would understand them and would allow their souls the freedom they needed,

and who would wisely concur and encourage when recognizing the child

was not speaking from the outer, but from the inner self.


In this book, Joseph Benner reveals to us the great Mystery of the Law, its promise and fulfillment. Blessed is he to whom this very great Truth of this Law is revealed to begin to use it.

Joseph Benner did not publish this book independently, all the chapters are from the monthly INNER LIFE, which was published from 1933 to 1940. While editing the articles from INNER LIFE, the book itself appeared and could be published.

MANY these days are seeking to know the Law that will free them from the lack and limitation in which they now find themselves, convinced that there is such a Law, and that until they find and are able to use it, they will be more or less bound to such unhappy condition.

Many books have been written on the subject and different phases of the Law have been uncovered. Many students and even teachers are struggling to make use of these glimpses of the Law, but with only partial and seldom with satisfactory results.

The very fact that so many are seeking it, even if there are but few who have found and are unquestionably using it and enjoying its benefits, proves that such a Law exists and that it is discoverable—but evidently only by those who have earned the right wisely to use it.

The time has come to give to those who can so use it a clearer glimpse of the Law and how to earn the right to its use; although we can add that it has been shown to them again and again and by no one more clearly than our Great Teacher and Master, Christ Jesus. Therefore, in giving this glimpse, we do not fear that any but those who are worthy and who will wisely use it, will get its full meaning—those who would misuse it will simply be unable to see it.