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Harmonious Design Harmonious design is based on one's own authenticity, originality and conscious creativity. They are their own works from the beautiful space experienced by Living. Each work is an original, which is an expression of the Harmony of Living Love, Joy and Freedom. Every creative activity reveals the constant Joy, Beauty and Freedom. And that is in the energies of our works. Each image is unique in its own way of creation.


The paintings harmonize the interior and have a positive effect in all its perfection and beauty. Their energy elevates and elevates the mind and consciousness to the calm and harmonious state that is our nature.


Eternal Beauty itself is giving, giving itself in its essence and it shines in harmony from the images. We feel the joy and strength of giving Harmony and Beauty through ourselves.

Monika Doreán and Ján Master

Collection 2022

The Way of Courage - Courage is the Way

The Way of Light - Light is the Way

The Way of Freedom - Freedom is the Way

The Way of Joy - Joy is the Way

The Way of Love - Love is the Way

Collection 2021


The Power of Love

Divine Union

Authentic Life

Collection 2020

Mystic Love 2

New Mystic Prague

Joy Spirit

Sacred Love

God Vibrations

Eternal Harmony

Pure Love

Mystic Love

Eternal Beauty of the Moment

Living Earth

Eternal Beauty

Stay quiet

Magic Light

Violet Light

Mystic Light


Roses Of Love

Guardian of the Earth

Alchemy Master

Mystic and Magic Spirit

Silent Beauty

Golden field of Love

Magic Forest

Moon Sun and Love

Source of Energy

Free Spirit

Zen Master Calligraphy

New Vision

Collection 2019

Golden Prague

Cosmic Heart of Love

Golden Light

Mystic Rose

Mysterious Rose

Magic Rose

Alchemy Rose

The Rose


Mystery Prague

Mystic Prague

Magic Prague

Beauty of the Unknowable

Indescribable Beauty


Beauty Women

The True Queen

Sacred geometry of light

Light of Heart

Self Power