I have been working on the "Speech of Dreams" for 15 years / including a two-year cycle of seminars Interpretation of Dreams - Doc. PhDr. Jiří Růžička, Ph.D./ . It is an art and a great benefit for me as well. The language of my dreams illuminates a lot for me, shows me new possibilities, gives me an understanding of what I cannot yet see and recognize in my waking state, the vision presents.

Dreams are about our possibilities and can guide us. They are accurate, they show the facts as they are and we can learn a lot from them, but we have to be able to find the truth in them. It is possible to recognize and learn to understand dreams.

Dreams speak to us because they have meaning and we try to understand those meanings.

I interpret dreams from the positions of daseinanalysis and intuition. The starting point is a dream situation undistorted by additional inputs and tendentious interpretation schemes. The interpretation is lively, simple, clear and understandable. A dream is like a movie. He too has his plot, characters, events. Also, like in a movie, not only the main character "plays" in it, but also other "actors", every thing and event happens. Dasein-analytical interpretation leads to an understanding of the meaning of the dream straight away. Dream images, so-called symbols, are not interpreted through predefined interpretive structures, nor are they considered to be established systems of meaning, but are considered to be metaphors, allegories or immediate depictions of life, the meaning of which is always uniquely, newly and only revealed during the interpretation. Intuition can give interpretation a certain edge.

"Dream Life" is current, it presents topics that are important to us, it guides us because we are the main actors in it, the dream experience still appeals to us. When we understand dreams, we can understand ourselves and our life circumstances.

Situational dreams - currently thematic - immediate expressions and depictions of what is "here and now" are clearly anchored in the present - they repeat and clarify the meaning of everyday life, they are usually tied to everyday life and their meaning does not exceed the life horizon of the present.

Central dreams - can be characterized by a large time span and affect distant meaning connections.

Traumatic dreams - /early, relational or developmental traumas, illness, etc./

Balance sheet dreams - / dreams mapping a certain period of life, a long-term or significant relationship, profits and losses.../

Transition dreams - / life transitions from one life phase to another - from childhood to adolescence, from single status to marriage.../

Spiritual and transcendental dreams - / insights and insights in spiritual areas, insight, inspiration /

Prognostic dreams - / contain anticipation of possibilities /

Basic "fateful" dreams / decisive choices and deeds, fateful direction of life's journey /. Such dreams appear once in a while, but they can be of decisive importance for self-knowledge or life orientation. They are as if written and determined by "higher forces" divine or fateful.

Visions or higher dreams - messages for us from our higher Self and Soul.

The interpretation can be part of Holistic Therapy and Counseling or only as an Interpretation of a specific dream or vision, with Monika Doreán in the center of Prague / approx. 10 min. walking distance from Prague Castle.

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