Complete holistic therapy and counseling - a combination of expertise in classical and modern psychotherapy and psychology, experience from long-term therapeutic practice and own experience of self-realization from the direct path of knowledge - Advaita - Non-duality.

I combine classical psychotherapy and psychology with our transcendent spiritual Essence and understanding of Life in a broader context. 15 years of therapeutic practice and 10 years of a direct path of essential knowledge. It leads to clear self-knowledge and a change of perspective.

Individual, partner and family therapy and counseling in the center of Prague / approx. 10 min. on foot from Prague Castle/ or online.

Individual therapy and counseling - we deal with a specific topic that troubles you emotionally or psychosomatically and you are not clear about it.

Couple therapy and counseling - you come with a specific relationship topic - we will focus on the art of communication, how to work together better, specifically to solve problems, partner's emotions, deepen feeling and connection on all levels / more in the partnership of the new era /

I work with classic psychotherapeutic methods and techniques to break down old patterns and beliefs. I practice self-inquiry, conscious attention and intensive work with the mind. We go deeper into the essence of the experience/thoughts, emotions, bodily and sensory sensations/, which leads to awareness and thus to a change in point of view, which is neither therapy, instruction nor method. We do not analyze, we do not search, but we go the direct way to the roots of the problem and suffering and to the true essence of Life, to our own strength, harmony, wholeness, balance, health, harmony with ourselves and the outside world, and thus to permanent inner peace in the course of life's circumstances.

In therapies and consultations, we work with manifestations of imbalance - unprocessed internal injuries, self-destructive beliefs, manifestations of fear, guilt, threats, shame and anxiety. I focus on intensive work with fear, mechanisms of the mind and its essential nature, way of thinking and its effect on health , ego, emotions, addictions. We are working with a deeply rooted manifestation of the role of victim. The decision to change and get out of the victim role is preceded by many repeating the same situations over and over again. A change in thinking and a new point of view are crucial for permanently stepping out of the role of victim.

The reason for all suffering is the absence of clear self-knowledge, the ignorance of the essence of our own Self, which is the cause of the feeling of lack in any area of life and drives us to seek fulfillment in more and more relationships, objects, substances and activities. The search for happiness in objective experience fails often enough to give rise to doubts that it is possible to find it there at all. In fact, in order to find permanent tranquility, peace and happiness and true freedom from all limitations, one must know the nature of reality and the essential nature of oneself.

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