Life in me is anchored more and more in Pure Presence - Living Love, Freedom and Joy.

Presence is what it IS. Accepting this freed me from the constant resistance caused by the conditioned mind to situations in life that the mind evaluates as suffering. Suffering is the conditioned mind itself, which does not like what IS and wants what it does not have.

In Pure Presence, without resistance to what is, I free myself from external influences and then act from this true inner peace. Life situations do not control my Life, my satisfaction.

Pure Presence is the lightness of Being...

In Pure Presence I feel a deep peace, a Living Joy of Being. I realize that everything that happens, the "good" and the "bad" cannot change the Essence of what I really am.

In Pure Presence you are Live Freedom...

In Pure Presence you fully accept yourself, you are satisfied with yourself... you are Living Love, you do not project your unfulfilled ideas onto others...

Pure presence Is Living Joy independent of happiness from a secondary, ephemeral source of someone, something.

Pure Presence Is the Living Essential Force of Existence, that which Is.

Pure Presence is the Trust, the Awareness, the Experience, the Experience that all is well. More than you could ever imagine.

Pure Presence Is The Only True Living Force.

You are the Living Force.

Doreán/Pure Presence