THESE words are addressed to those who are seeking the way into the Kingdom of God-the Kingdom where a Great Love and Wisdom, the serving and the inspiring of others, and the utter forgetfulness of self, are the natural life of everyone who dwells therein.

If you who read have reached that stage on your journey through life where the world without can offer you nothing that will stay your efforts to find that Kingdom, and you welcome any directions that will clearly point you there, then you are ready for these words, and they will be to you a quickening power that will hasten you on your way and perhaps will enable you speedily to reach the goal.

One traveling in a new country is always better able to make his way if provided with maps and information about the conditions to be met and the requirements to be observed along the route. Therefore, we will first try to map out for you the various stages of the journey into the Kingdom, and to tell you of some of the conditions through which you will pass, and what will be required if you expect to reach your journey's end without mishap or undue delay.

This naturally is no new knowledge being offered you, but is what has been learned and tabulated from the experience of many who have passed over this route-the one over which we would direct you,
and which is the narrow and only way that leads straight into the Kingdom.


In what follows is the first definite work you are called upon to do for and as a part of the Brotherhood. Remember you are the outposts, Our agents, through whom We can accomplish the Father's Will.

This first work, therefore, is preliminary and preparatory, in that it will accustom you to definite and consecrated effort and will prepare your minds so that they will become pure, selfless, open channels through which We can do the Father's Work on earth even as planned in Heaven.

Upon the degree of your faithfulness in observing this request; your dedicating yourselves to Our-your Christ Selves'-use; your keeping self and its thoughts out entirely and being wholly one-pointed in this Service, will you be preparing yourself for greater and more individual Service.

Every day at 12 o'clock noon, no matter where you are or what you are doing, throw off all outer thoughts and interests and retire into the Silence of your Soul. See yourself surrounded with and abiding in the Light of God's Love; Feel It all around you as a powerful and all-encompassing Presence; Feel It likewise pressing forth and then pouring forth from within you, illumining the consciousness of every cell of your body and every faculty of your mind, so that they all become pure, wide-open channels for the expression of that Love.

Then, realizing that you are now a perfect center of that Love, let Its Light and Power pour forth as from a great Beacon Light, shining and extending Its radiance to the far corners of the earth into the hearts and minds of everyone able to receive It.

See that Light of God's Love quickening, awakening, developing and expanding the Christ Light within all such, enabling them consciously to walk in and be taught by that Light.

Remain in this Consciousness from three to five minutes, all the time seeing and feeling the Light radiating from you in its Divine glory and effectiveness. Sing glad praises to God that His Kingdom is now preparing to come forth into the outer lives of His children, and thank Him for enabling you to serve Him efficiently to that end.

That is all you need to do. We will do the rest.

For We, the Higher Selves of all men on earth and of those in Spirit, forming the Great Army of Light working under Christ's direction, will pour all the mighty Power of God's illumining, healing and freeing Love through you our human channels to those We have prepared to receive It, and at the same time will help them to receive It. In this manner will you be working consciously with Us, your Brothers in the Kingdom.

by Joseph S. Benner

editor - Ján Master