In this book, Joseph Benner introduces us to remarkable children and their parents and how to perceive and help these children.

THERE are many remarkable children in the world today, those who naturally are to be the leaders of the coming generation, but more especially those who will usher in and be the leaders of the New Age.

Most of these children are in families whose parents do not understand them and seemingly hinder rather than encourage and help the development of their unusual souls. We know that that they do not hinder, however, for such souls in their greater understanding and unfoldment probably chose the families and conditions into which they incarnated, often choosing the ones providing the greatest handicaps as affording the best opportunities for developing the strength of character and powers of mind needed for the work they came here to do.

But this was not the case with all, for due to the special work they were preparing for, it was often necessary to have parents who would understand them and would allow their souls the freedom they needed,

and who would wisely concur and encourage when recognizing the child

was not speaking from the outer, but from the inner self.

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