THE INNER LIFE - Joseph Sieber Benner - E-BOOK

This book by Joseph Benner clarifies the Truth about the soul and the Impersonal Life in everyday practice. Real Impersonal Teaching for all students and thinkers of Truth.

YOUR QUESTION CONCERNING HEALING is one that confronts every disciple until the Law is truly known.

We know how you feel when you want to help anyone who needs healing and understanding. But you have found the only true way you can help them, and that is to see in them only Christ, or God, who is All in all. To the degree that you KNOW and see Him - you see right through the outward appearance, no matter what they are - you can not only bring about healing, but you can lift them out of the darkness in which their souls have wandered. Whenever you feel a strong, compelling urge to help anyone, when you see such a person suffering or needing help, be sure that when you know the above Truth and see that person's Christ or true Self, you are not breaking any Law but following the guidance of your Divine Self, which is One with the other's Christ Self.

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