THIS BOOK IS FOR CHILDREN AND THEIR PARENTS. SENSITIVE, EMPATHETIC CHILDREN ASKING EXISTENTIAL QUESTIONS. Children with beautiful souls that their parents lead to spiritual development, where they themselves mature spiritually along with these beautiful souls. The book is a source of pure Truth and has a beneficial effect on the spirit, soul, mind and body. Drink up this wonderful book with your children. 

THIS series of lessons and questions is not intended to be used merely as a set of dogmatic sermons for a child to memorize and repeat like a parrot. The whole purpose of the various similes, allegories, lesson games, etc., is to help the child's own Higher Self to reveal to his still receptive and unsullied outer mind the truth of "Who He is" and "What He is a part of," the Law that governs life and expression, and how to align your self with God's Plan and Purpose.

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The price of the book is for editing and graphic editing.

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